It is bcoz ur approach towards questions help us alot. Online classes are provide facility of easy going study and even saves money in which flavido gives you the best of best options and are willing to mold according to students convenience in fact on going discounts makes it money saver too. There is a lot of scope to maximize your overall mains marks on the basis of essay and ethics paper. Do not make it hard for the examiner by writing complicated sentences. Your essay should have some emotion in it.

However, do make it a point to read the important sections from the bare Act. Here are the things that I learned: You should definitely refer to this blog for case summaries and the like. I wrote my first essay at home, and asked my mother to read it. So, keep reading more case-studies. Flavido is one of the best online coaching portal in India which provides study material that is best for UPSC Examination.

Writing case laws and section numbers in your answers would demonstrate that you know about the subject at hand well, just like an experienced lawyer, so try to mention them in your answers wherever possible. Like Liked by 2 people.

Essay paper was the one paper Sssay was most excited to write. Keep a gap of approx 7 days. Choose a topic that you are most comfortable with.

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June 15, June 18, Saumya Sharma. Last year, for some questions carrying the same weightage, different number of pages were provided. Some of the magazines are Yojna, Kurukshetra, Chronicle and Wizard.


There is a lot of scope insightsonindla maximize your overall mains marks on the basis of essay and ethics paper.

insightsonindia essay compilation

Take your webinars to the next level. So, do not take this as a document which you take to read, remember and reproduce in the examination.

insightsonindia essay compilation

Then you have tabbed insightsonindiq correct place, Flavido Store is one of the top online portal where students get best of the study guidance from the top learned people from the same industry, with online study material and classes. Flavido store provides us with various magazines which collects the recent news and current news and are really helpful for students in their preparation.

You dismissed this ad. Their practicality is as important as their being ethically correct. Current Affairs for Mains After Preliminary, I realised that revising one whole year current affairs from monthly compilation booklets they can be quite lengthy…more than pages sometimes would prove very time consuming.

insightsonindia essay compilation

Sorry, cant help Like Like. Your knowledge of suitable case law names will not help if you are unable to demonstrate a deep understanding of the question asked.

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You are commenting using essah Twitter account. I was also following legal news and developments while in college, and all of that definitely helped.

Now, about answer writing.

Please tell me mam u were continue study with ur MBA Or only 1 year study for upsc Please suggest how time enough for upsc in year. Published by Anu Kumari. Do not make it hard for the examiner by writing complicated sentences.

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So,if you are serious in preparation enroll to a dedicated series which offers answer review. Please visit the website www. The structure you make must be kept flexible to accommodate any fresh points that come to your mind while writing the essay. May 11, June 7, Saumya Sharma.

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In addition to the standard sources, you could follow the following websites: Previous Post The Journey Begins. Flavido store provides students with all the required notes and in fact the books related to the subjects written by the different authors compiltaion Flavido store has taken the initiative to sell the books. Reading editorials also helps, as you will learn how to make convincing arguments. Blood, sweat, and tears. The commpilation I had made was that I had written my essay in a manner that was extremely straightforward and quite imbalanced.

Better solutions can be thought of with a fresh mind. Law of Crimes For IPC, I referred to my college notes which were a mix of the insightsonincia act and some very important case laws for different offences. Law II subjects mock test I am also attaching samples of some of my short revision notes.