I know the underworld is cut off, but I must try to fight through the despair and anger. She most likely won’t accept this answer, but we’ll give it a try nonetheless. He can also zap us and drain our health and chi from a mile away, which is very annoying. Indeed we have, and if it weren’t for this stranger, this would all have likely ended in tragedy. Just take that wretched old man out of my house so that I never have to see him again! As I said, it was an instrument that belonged to Bladed Thesis, the scholar who first advanced the Way of the Closed Fist as a philosophy.

Your understanding of the Way is impressive; it would almost be an honor to lose to you. Regardless of how you carry on the conversation, eventually you dismiss the man and then there’s an extended cut scene. Since when have ghosts in this game been able to disguise themselves as living people, to the extent they can even fool Dawn Star? This fight is a long one because he’s got a ton of HP, so you’ll want to make sure you don’t run out of chi here. Apparently, this particular executioner thought cleaving half of someone’s head off is the same thing as beheading.

The bounty isn’t anything to write home about, either. Or maybe not just yet. I can’t sleep for the screams of that boy as he washed away; I still hear them to this day.

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Having Dawn Star on support duty is a tremendous help, and Spirit Thief is of course an option if you didn’t bring her along. I can tell we’re going to be here for some time if we want to solve this peacefully.


jade empire bladed thesis test

I don’t know, maybe next time he ought to check if the “deceased” is breathing or something. Once you’re there, I’ll catch up with you. Enter Heaven for extra fun dialog, take Black Whirlwind with you. Go up the stairs to meet bladded fox spirits. Within a few steps you’ll meet Zin Bu. Heh, as long as I’m not giving any refunds, of course, eh-heheh.

Seriously, how did nobody notice at any point? We’re heading right back to the Great Southern Forest. We’ve made it to the inner sanctum. It won’t happen, but it would be an honor. I like this sidequest a lot, but the more I think about it the tedt I find to complain about, especially when it comes to the stuff with Aishi’s father.

We do in fact know ghosts can do that kind of thing, that one lady’s son back in Two Rivers showed up as a ghost and enpire his mother that the accident he died in wasn’t her fault.

Can’t get into this tomb yet, just gotta remember it’s there. This is just silly now. We will grant the Mournful Blade her last wish, although we take no pleasure in doing so.

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How do you do, fellow Closed Fist jde Wei Shen, if you’re unaware, is the protagonist of Sleeping Dogs. Now, if you do this, you can get a fight out of the way now and pick up Henpecked Hou as a follower; or, you can wait until later, when you’ll still have the fight.

Zither of Discord Bonus It is time my story ended. Aishi wants a glorious battle. We have shown we understand Closed Fist or at least the way it was intended to be before a bunch of idiots like Six Heavens screwed it upand what better way to show that understanding than challenge Bladed Thesis when he is more powerful than ever?


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They don’t last particularly long against the wrath of our axes, but what’s interesting here is the powerup the last one of them drops. The enemy is known as Red Minister. I know the underworld is cut off, but I must try to fight through the despair and anger. Business has empir more lively lately, with you around, eh-heh.

jade empire bladed thesis test

The only question that remains at this point is what the deal was with that old man who pointed us in Aishi’s direction.

Stranger, I cannot thank you enough. The pedestal at the temple entrance rises once again; so, go click it and a portal to Heaven opens up inside the main building.

jade empire bladed thesis test

Last time I said we were at full Open Palm, but that was not the case because the status screen changes once you’re maxed out. He has a Jafe attack typically Ice Shard and the regular cannibals are slow enough that you can keep them at bay with Area Attacks and focus on their master. If Blackie or Hou are currently traveling with you, the other shows up.