Notification of clerical errors — We have amended the internally assessed marks you provided, usually following an incorrect transcription or incorrect addition of the marks. Self Certification Form Form You should obtain a certificate of posting for all work posted to the moderator. This applies to all work — whether or not it was part of the moderation sample. You can download all the forms from our handy ‘forms finder’ page they are also available on each qualification page.

Moderator address information Sample requests Submitting a sample of candidate work External moderation Outcomes of moderation Use of candidate work. In light of this, the following JCQ forms have been withdrawn: If a candidate did not produce work, the candidate should be submitted as absent. The moderator arranges a visit at a date and time convenient to both parties. You will need to submit the new marks to OCR and return the sample to the moderator before moderation can continue. You will be sent address labels to send the marks and forms to the moderator. Carrying out internal standardisation Centres must carry out internal standardisation to ensure marks awarded by different teachers are accurate and consistent across all candidates entered for the unit from that centre.

Application for Modified Papers Form 8A: You must ensure marks missign all candidates, not just those in the sample, are checked for both addition and transcription errors before submission. Scribe Cover Sheet Form 3: This is also a requirement for private candidates. Assessing Candidates for Access Arrangements Form 9: General qualifications and Cambridge Nationals Moderated assessment arrangements for general qualifications include non-exam arrangements, coursework and portfolios, which are all referred to as candidate work.


Lost, missing, damaged or incomplete work In the case of a candidate for whom the internally assessed work has been lost or jissing missing, or where the work is damaged or is incomplete, then you must apply for special consideration. It is no longer possible to submit marks by using the hard copy internal assessment mark sheets MS1. If you are part of a consortium, we will wait until we have received marks from each centre before sending a ckursework request.

jcq missing coursework form

For some qualifications, rather than by email, sample requests are sent by post: Arrangements permitted by the centre. Notification of Lost Centre Assessed Work.

Before posting the sample of work to the moderator, please ensure the address on the moderator label corresponds to the address provided on the sample request. Missint for arranging externally examined performances can be found on the performance page.

Forms – JCQ Joint Council for Qualifications

Centre authentication forms which will no longer be sent to centres should now be retained within the centre until all post-results issues have been resolved. All marking and internal standardisation must be completed in good time and before the marks are submitted to OCR and the moderator. Once you receive your sample request, you should upload the work to the OCR Repository within three working days of receiving the request.

The following reports will be issued via Interchange.

Internal assessment – OCR

By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies Accept. Print the password out together with your centre name, number and component details and send it to the assessor in a separate package.


Practical Assistant Cover Sheet Form 4: If centres are working together in a consortium, you must carry out internal standardisation of marking across the consortium. Moderator address information You will be sent address labels to send the marks and forms to the moderator. Braille Transcript Cover Sheet. Application for special consideration Form You will also be sent enough copies of the labels to send candidate work to the moderator.


In certain circumstances we may request to see incomplete portfolio evidence where an application has been made. This applies to all work — whether or not it was part of the moderation sample.

jcq missing coursework form

Outcomes of moderation Centres will usually receive the outcome of moderation when the provisional results are issued. Instead, you should select the sample as described on the endorsements page and submit by the mark submission deadline.

Oral Language Modifier Form 8: Interchange — See our step-by step instructions for submitting marks and grades for the new endorsements. A sample can be downloaded here:. When loading multiple files against multiple or specific candidates, ensure each of your files are saved with a unique name, e. Word Processor Cover Sheet. Complete the form, providing the original total and amended total mark s for the component. Application for special consideration.