Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated! Please say hi to your pigeons for me! The Middle Place is one of my favorite books! It is not intended as a substitute for any treatment prescribed by a doctor. Do you know Kate Bowler? We will transcend, ladies. Almost exactly 6 years ago, I shared some thoughts about women and friendship in a video essay called Transcending and a week later, millions of people had shared it with friends all over creation.

Posted May 31, at 8: Hubby looked at me, nervously. Posted May 25, at 5: Recent Post by Page. Many will be fixed.

They are the women who knew me as I was becoming who I am. She wrote it for all the great women in her life, and so it is my pleasure to share her reading of it with transcendnig of the great women in my life. Because we did all this, in that worst moment, we will transcend.

kelly corrigan transcending essay

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Sailing together, weather be damned – A Design So Vast

Born to Do this Work. If you will be sailing to Nantucket, I will be on Brant Point cheering your wonderful team of women along!


kelly corrigan transcending essay

Now for the best part — decorating them, and that I can do sitting down. Hubby looked at me, nervously. Every parent stands to learn from Diane Shader Smith.

If you are a speaker seeking representation, please include your website address, and video links with your inquiry. Blog Search Search for: This video below, about acceptance, was written with–and for–many readers and friends who’ve shared stories with me over the years at readings, in emails, and on Facebook. They are my dedicated fleet.

We will transceding, ladies. One woman’s journey to right here. It’s the biggest thing I’ve had to say since Transcending and I share it in the same spirit, namely wanting so much to be useful to you in some small way. It was amazing to see the words connect us all.

And how inexpressibly, overwhelmingly grateful I am for that simple fact. Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated! There have been switchbacks and unexpected detours, heartbreak and fear, as well as sudden, startling joys.


We will transcend, ladies

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I really like this friend so I said yes. Posted May 25, at 6: AOL users click here or please call anytime and let us assist you.

kelly corrigan transcending essay

I feel lucky to know her. We should all be organ donors. I tried twice to make a toast about friendship but both times, I blew it. Posted May 25, at 9: Elizabeth Life forrigan Pencil.