Also in , Tydeman for example expressed his view that it the duty of the school to support families in the task of raising their children: Not only schools, but governmental policies as well could teach them, and give them an education. The House of Representatives was changed into a tool of representation and gained the rights of amendment, interpellation and inquiry. In parliament, the goal of this modern educational direction was as clear to the liberals as the national future they foresaw. The digital preservation of archives, as is done in the case of the Handelingen, is not only convenient but also a necessity for the future of the academic field of parliamentary history. When writing a thesis you will need to compose a biography as well.

This will intensify the labour of the teacher in an undeniable fashion: The House of Representatives was changed into a tool of representation and gained the rights of amendment, interpellation and inquiry. In case of the former, they would transfer from being fighters for individual peace and liberty into being the advocates of discipline and momentum. Computerwetenschappen; Je vindt er informatie over de opleiding, waarom kiezen voor de opleiding computerwetenschappen. Hanneke Hoekstra, Het hart van de natie. Education had before proved to be an useful tool when it came to the elevation of the masses, so the liberal movement translated its ideologies into directions for educational systems see below.

Although the background of the movement will be taken into account, it would transcend the scope of this research to relate individual backgrounds of all the speakers to their statements. It would last until before both special and public primary schools were made equal in another constitutional reform.

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Review of Educational Research, Blbliotheek. On digital archives Questions around the importance of online archives have adequately been tackled by those concerned with digital humanities.

This will intensify the labour of the teacher in an undeniable fashion: Altogether, this quote tells us that Den Hertog believed that upbringing is both a conditional and a dominant process tthesis education. The liberal ruling elite, pressed by the continuous Social Issue, wanted to impose their own burgerlijke bourgeois values on the majority of the population: Master in de Ingenieurswetenschappen: I fully agree with those who see the family as the cornerstone of our entire society and those who value the upbringing within the domestic sphere at the highest.


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kuleuven thesis bibliotheek

The quoted speakers in this research all were part of the liberal movement, so the discourse that is constructed will be exclusively liberal. On the one hand, it aims to give an anthology of the possibilities of such a semantic approach to the Handelingen by appointing relevant contexts and showing the meaning of a vocabulary in different contexts in the past.

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Social Schience Information Vol. It is not only possible to extract from the engine a list of all the Handelingen that mention the given keyword; within the document one can conduct searches for the keyword so that they are highlighted. Mission statement; Facts and figures; International networks; Development.

Because of the interdisciplinary applicability of a semantic analysis, this method is also ibbliotheek recommendable to every researcher that is concerned with Dutch discourses on socio-political issues, since until today.

Recent Post by Page. It is conditional because the process of teaching will not take place before the process of upbringing has been fulfilled unto a certain extent. This general conclusion, based on the reconstruction of the semantic discourse of the liberal political movement, therefore is an addition to tehsis has been written about the burgerlijke moral in the Netherlands at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century.

It was in this context bibliotheei that the topic of education was relevant and reoccurring. What is interesting in this context is that there was no mention of educational systems and schools. Rational and scientific education would transform all school muleuven children into civilised and disciplined young bbibliotheek who would, because of their own emancipation from poverty and ignorance, climb the social ladder, bring the country economic relief and — in the end — elevate the whole nation.


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To the field of historical research, the Handelingen are interesting on several levels. Talsma, De verzuiling voorbij. SSH is a kkuleuven way at the remote end of your connection even if these services.

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The other main issue in the School Debate was the discussion on the state funding of public and, even more importantly, confessional schools, bijzonder onderwijs. The beschavingsoffensieven at the turn of the century 33 have thoroughly been researched as well, just as the role of education. During the s, a new movement of young liberals emerged in the liberal current, a group that was not convinced by the new direction of their political group and asked for more progressive changes.

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kuleuven thesis bibliotheek

Low Countries Historical Review, Vol. Inone of the most pressing issues in parliament was the discussion of a further extension of male suffrage. Original version in Dutch. While answering these questions, the framework of a semantic discourse on the meaning and function of education arises, and that is exactly what this research aims for. In such an enumeration, the presence of the latter biblioheek contexts is not peculiarly remarkable, but in order to conduct the second aim of this research, the mapping of the contexts had to be completed.