How many cuboidal boxes can be stored in it if the volume of one box is 0. Do all, the maps of geography and history in scrap book[political map] 5. Find the volume of a cardboard box containing 10 such match boxes. Find the outer curved surface area of the bowl. What is the difference between a tangent and a secant? A shopkeeper has just enough money to buy 52 bicycles worth Rs. Draw a world map and shows continents on it.

Maintain this in a file. Draw a world map and shows continents on it. Do any one project from the following: Read all the chapters of honeysuckle and a pact with the sun and revise all the exercises for SA2. Construct tangents to a circle with centre O from an external point P.

How many new members are in the group now? Crossword Linear equations in two variables And maintain this in a file. Do all, the maps of geography and history in scrap book[political map].


Draw a line segment of 5. Every Student can send his homework on my email id: A tile is a square of side 20cm, how many such tiles would be required to cover the floor of a square bathroom of side 3m? Construct a triangle whose perimeter is Find the total weight of the vegetables in terms of decimal. Make a small dictionary in your notebook of 50 new words from your text book.


Mohan purchased a machine for Rs. It has one door measuring 2m by 1.

kv jakhoo homework

This site uses cookies. Find a quadratic polynomial each with the given numbers as the sum and product of its zeros respectively 0. Read chapters 8,9,10,of civics and write extra question answers From: Classify the following as linear, bi-quadratic, cubic and constant polynomials. How many men will do it in 14 days?

kv jakhoo homework

The area of triangle is equal to that of a square whose each side measures 70m. If one of the numbers is 10 more than the other,then homewlrk are the numbers? How many men will do it in 14 days? Make the following Project in scrap book: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Rational Numbers Congruence of Triangle Comparing quantities Perimeter and Area Take your own test hhomework once in two days and maintain the record.

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Make on Chart On Content of Science. The ratio of the radii of two circles is 2: What is the additive inverse of?


Each tile is in the shape of a parallelogram of height 3cm and base 5cm. Prepare Different shapes by using mathematical shapes. Find the cost of cloth required to make the tent, if one square meter of cloth costs Rs Find the cost of white-washing its curved surface at the rate of Rs 70 per m2.

Find the cost of 1 pen and 1 pencil.


Divide it externally in the ratio 5: Solve the assignments given to you on the following chapters. Revise and learn all lessons of term II syllabus i. Find the length and breadth if the cost of fencing the field at the rate of Rs 80 per metre is Rs My aim of life.

Find the area of a rectangular plot one side of which is 36 cm and its diagonal is 48 cm. The jakboo of the wheel of a car is 77cm.