Unless treatment is given, this episode is usually followed by convulsions, coma, and death [1]. Ethno- therapeutic management of malaria and its vectors among the Ikales of South-Western Nigeria. Another factor that inadvertently increases the risk of succumbing to the toxic effects of the fruit includes: Effects of Hypoglycin A on patients acid-base balance demonstrated by significant changes in serum Bicarbonate measurements. My sincerest appreciation to Dr. A popular dish, ackee is enjoyed by all age groups and socio-economic classes in Jamaica 1. There is no dignity in the bean.

It is also used as a cosmetic and food source. Various studies have been documented with over plant species from families used in the treatment of malaria or fever Willcox et al. In conclusion, this study reveals the anti- plasmodial activity of ethanolic and aqueous leaf extracts of Blighia sapida, though, the level of efficacy is low compared to the use of the standard drug. J Assoc Off Anal Chem ; Acute Toxicity Studies A single oral dose 2 mL rat -1 and 0.

Doses of the ethanolic and aqueous extracts of B. Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable. He named the parasite Oscillaria malariae.

Studies rsview the effects of the extracts of B. Evaluation of antioxidant activities of ethanol leaf extract of Cymbopogon citratus and Hyptis spicigera in mice exposed to Plasmodium berghei. The fatty acid composition, shown in Table 1was used to predict the IV of the ackee oils Table 2that is, how much iodine is absorbed by the mono- di- and tri-unsaturated fatty acids in g of oil. Iodine value characterizes the extent of unsaturation in oils, and although its relevance has been questioned 28IVs are still employed as a standard in the industry.


Because of the population densities especially in Asia, it is probably the most prevalent human malaria parasite. Fortune Journals follows single blind peer-review process, manuscript submitted by an Author is assigned to a particular Editor.

Percentage relative liteerature of individual FAMEs are based on peak areas without detector response factor correction. Efficacy and safety of the six-dose regimen of artemether—lumefantrine for treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in adolescents and adults: Thus, the fatty acid profile of the ackees sampled has been unequivocally established.

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Observations of animals over the next 12 days showed no adverse sapidw of treatment. BJU Int ; West Indian Med J ; Intraditional medicinal plants and malaria. Koenig fruit traits in Benin: All statistical tests were performed with SPSS statistical software version The preparation and reactions of diazomethane.

literature review on blighia sapida

The saponified fat 0. This study aimed at reviewing literature on the hypoglycin A toxicity, add to the body of tests already established by the WHO in detecting hypoglycin toxicity based on the patterns we have observed and to provide physicians with a simple panel of tests that will aid in the speedy detection of hypoglycin A toxicity for more timing therapeutic intervention. See all formats and sapidq Online.

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Literature review on blighia sapida

In traditional medicine, sap from terminal buds of the plant is instilled in the eyes to treat conjunctivitis. Epidemic of fatal encephalopathy in preschool children in Burkina Faso and consumption of unripe ackee Blighia sapida fruit.

Blihhia Journal of Medicine bligia Medical Science, Antiplasmodial activity of the mixed stem bark extracts of Anogeissus leiocarpus and Prosopis africana and in vitro evaluation of its tablet dosage form. A tree reference and selection guide. Diarrhoea is a major health challenge especially in children under 5 years of age in most developing countries. But let your strength be the law of my definition of war in bosnia justice: A number of other natural products having antimalarial activities have been documented in Nigeria Idowu et al.

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An outbreak investigation in Haitiand review of the literature, Clin. By using the comment function on degruyter. Several plants with anti-plasmodial properties have been proved as sources for novel anti-plasmodial compounds.

literature review on blighia sapida

Flowers are bisexual, aromatic and greenish white in colour, borne on densely pubescent axillary racemes, cm long.