Assessed on 24 July Therefore, the score of each element is according to the actual value of the performance measure relative to the established feasible ranges. This paper provides a basis for the substantial further work on the development of the general framework of the Balanced Scorecard in the modern world. Applied mathematics in engineering, management and technology, 4 3 , Strategic decision processes are shaped by various contextual variables. BSC has helped the company to identify the main area needed for improvement, i. Also, performance management helps the company to manage its performance in line with corporate strategies and goals.

Internal Process – BSC encourages the team Perspectives leaders to focus on their – On time delivery respective departments and – On the time trial carry out actions that support the vision of the company instead of single department. Instead, BSC is used to evaluate the learning and growth perspectives as it needs special attention in healthcare organisation because of the intensive utilisation of knowledge. Academy of Management Journal, 28 9 , However, according to the Pourmoradi et al. Recently, tertiary institutions of education are struggling to survive in this modern world. Customer perspective, based on Kairul et al. Gainesville, FL edref uflib.

The challenge of implementing the Balanced Scorecard. Therefore, the objective of this paper is to provide reivew and a better understanding of the performance management system, particularly the Balance Score Card BSCin 4 different industries through reviewing the literature.

It provides a systemic view of the strategy to most of the organisations. To help reduce the anxiety of research, this guide and each subject page linked above are intended to help navigate the researcher through the variety of book and article resources available.


The ERIC database provides bibliographic information of more than 1.

These institutions are, for example, expected to be outstanding in both teaching and research areas. Management Accounting Research, 14 4 Although some researchers claimed that BSC lacks cohesive body of knowledge and focuses on top down approach, BSC revview undoubtedly become the best-known and useful performance measurement system nowadays due to its wide and holistic applicability in almost all industries as analysed above.

literature review yakhou

Nilai University, Putra Nilai, Malaysia. The purpose of this paper is to review the balanced scorecard BSC in regaining the practice relevance in different industries. After obtaining the main and supporting journals, content analysis of the full journals is carried out to re-organize the structure of this paper.

Economics and Business

Surprisingly, the performance is rated as poor. After reviewing the journals, two papers of conceptual research and four papers of empirical research with business cases in different industries are kept as main reference journals while about 30 other journals are used as supporting journals.

The University of Florida Libraries offers hundreds of databases researchers can use to explore the literature and to compose an academic paper. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 34 2 Finding Articles Database selection is an important step in the literature review process.


The university then carried out BSC to evaluate the performance from four perspectives. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 31 1— Though these are the recommended databases rdview use for topics in education, more education databases are available.

literature review yakhou

Journal of Management Development, 28 5 International Journal of Literafure and Performance Management, 62 5 The Journal of the Operational Research Society, 52 10 The year Table 2: Besides, liteature optimisation aims to protect the company is attainable.


Researchers on strategic decision making have claimed that the most important variable is performance measurement Fredrickson, ; Elbanna and Child, Forum Pascasarjana, 35 11— The Balanced Scorecard Demystified. Journal of Public Administration and Governance, 4 4 BSC can determine whether an improvement is based on actual process or reduce of another process.


This paper provides a basis for the substantial further work on the development of the general framework of the Balanced Scorecard in the modern world. Lastly, it keeps only the measures that are related to strategy; thus, avoiding information overload within the company.

literature review yakhou

Possible measures of this perspective are through a number of new products, reduced production lead time, units of production, average customer waiting time and more.

The framework presented in this paper can be used as the basis for the development of a general framework of the Balanced Scorecard of different industries in the modern business world.

By comparing the departmental BSC index with organisational BSC index, the company can identify the needs of reinforcements for forthcoming months at the individual level. Managerial Auditing Journal, 20 2— At the heart of revolution lies a profound verdict: Relative weight of performance measure i U S i: