Rizal Park is one of the largest parks in Southeast Asia, it has an area of 58 hectares which runs from Taft Avenue up to the walls of the famous Manila Bay. This is just a sample. This study is related to the present study because the writer is concerned about tourism arrival and to improve the tourism destination to attract the foreign and local tourist in the Philippines. Tourism and Rizal Park. Here is a park that is used, loved and nurtured by the people who saw it shape up from nothing. Parks, both private and government enterprises operate various kinds of parks, including amusements parks. Rosita De Guzman Santos et al.

The technique is chosen because each member of the total population under the study has the same chance or equal opportunity of being selected. It is not just a beautiful park. Never before have concerts, fashion shows, ballet, and cultural offerings, all of high quality, been. The result is huge for frustrating traffic jams which pollution and affects both tourist and local people. Local Literature Rizal Park has transformed into a radiant fulfillment of what the Filipino hero himself might have dreamt; a project realized through the awakened and concerted efforts of the people, and without government aid.

The experience also taught me that I want to go into an area of industry that allows me to prepare and present what my skills are. It surprised me that this tour was really a big help for lunefa because the learning that I got will help me in my future career. Log In Sign Up. But I found the tour that was held on September 26 and 27 luuneta very interesting, informative and learning that I can used in my future career.


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It will also give them insights on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat of the Rizal Park. Table 7 shows that majority of the respondents are single 72 out of or The history of a place is felt through visits to old buildings and churches, and other places of historical value. Specifically, it sought answers to the following questions: This study gives ideas on what they can do to improve Rizal Park today Altomonte, I and my friends enjoy our visit in Rizal Park even though it was hot.

As stated by Goeldner and Ritchie heritage attractions such as historic sites and prehistoric and archaeological sites such as the ancient monuments of Egypt, Greece, Israel, Turkey, Indonesia, India, Mexico, and Peru also have appeal for those inspired to learn more about contemporary and long-vanished civilizations. Background of the Study It has been said that the Philippine tourism industry is in a state of transition, a slow yet remarkable process of changing landscape. We will write a custom essay sample on.

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The park is indeed a sanctuary to people from all walks of life. The last destination that we visit is the National Museum where it is the repository and guardian of the Philippines’ natural and cultural heritage. This marker serves as the point from which road distances from Manila are measured. It is also interesting to note that fronting the Rizal monument is the kilometer zero marker of the Lunetq.

The seminar is focus on housekeeping and about the F and B.

There is no other place in Manila where one can find serenity and diversity than Rizal Park. Intermediate Leisure and Tourism, the National Parks thssis particularly aware of the negative impacts can have on the environment.


Tourism and Rizal Park

The first part of the questionnaire included the profile of the respondents such as: Foreign Literature Much media attention has focused on the tourism industry on the natural tesis. National Parks Development Committee N. Percentage to make quantitative comparisons of the profile of the respondents. How to start a tour guiding. Our last destination is the City Garden Hotel.

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Respondents who has visited Rizal Park. A limited time offer!

How to cite this essay Choose cite format: And within the park are Chinese and Japanese gardens, orchidarium and butterfly pavilion, several historical markers, plazas, a grand stadium, restaurant and many more. Validation of Questionnaire The questionnaire was further scrutinized to correct its content validity before distributing to the final respondents. The presence of visitors in a country affects the living patterns of indigenous people Manila Bulletin,p.

After that our next itinerary is the City Garden Hotel. The experience taught me that I can do both and I do not have to rule out one or the other.

luneta park thesis

It is mentioned as the modification of the environment to whatever degree and the application of human, financial, living, and nonliving resources to satisfy human needs and improve the quality of human life Goeldner, Tourism.

Because that will be my second time to go there.