Please print this receipt and bring it with you when you submit your thesis. Students must bring to us the completed grade sheet with the final copy of the thesis. In addition, students must have two subjects from the restricted electives list, and the Masters thesis. How many Units are needed? Skip to main content. Once you have received a Bachelor of Science degree and no longer have undergraduate status, you can no longer UROP or live in undergraduate housing.

Sample 6-A Title Page Unless you are in the 6-A Program , you must do your research at MIT, not at a summer or part-time job for which you received pay. Computer Science and Engineering Be sure to download and print a grade sheet before you hand in your thesis. It can take weeks, however, for the changes to be reflected.

17. – 21. Submitting the Thesis

It can take weeks, however, for the changes to be reflected. To count toward the 66 unit graduate credit requirement or the unit AAGS requirement, subjects taken while a student is an undergraduate must be moved explicitly to the graduate program from the undergraduate program after the student becomes an MEng grad student. The thesis mitt work a bit strangely.

MEng theses normally involve one or more of the following: Joining MEng gives Course 6 undergraduates the advantages of being able to work on a thesis project, being able to take more classes, especially advanced, graduate ones, and study their field in more depth. Almost all MEng students will, therefore, have four unit classes, which means 48 units of credit in Course VI 6.

mit eecs meng thesis

Therefore, please be sure that your buckets are arranged by Add Date of your final term as an MEng student. Work may be begun while the student is an undergraduate for pay or for credit as UROP or SuperUROPbut the bulk of the thesis work should be done and registered for under 6.


The Departmental signature will be provided later. Do NOT wait until the week before the proposal deadline the end of the first term of grad registration to start writing. Note the placement of the binder clip at the upper left of the document including the covers.

MEng Thesis Guide: Course 6 Thesis Policies and Procedures | MIT EECS

The major part of the work of the thesis should not be started until after the proposal is submitted. Thesis Release Letter Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistantships. Students are expected to begin work on their thesis no later than the beginning of their graduate program, and to work on it every term until it is completed. To complete the MEng, students must meet all bachelor’s degree requirements and complete an additional 90 credit units — including graduate coursework and mostly significantly, a graduate research thesis.

Skip to main content. Count all the way through it. You can think of it as a four-year bachelors degree and a two-year masters condensed through advanced planning and integration. Students must bring mmit us the completed grade sheet with the final copy of the thesis.

1. Introduction: What is the MEng Thesis?

Do not trust anyone else to hand carry the grade sheet or let it be sent in the Institute thesix. Since Institute unit and Department subject requirements are separate systems, it is possible to use the units of a certain class in the graduate program, and use it to fulfill a department requirement for the undergraduate program.

mit eecs meng thesis

They do not register for 6. The, and MEng allows students to complete a three-subject concentration in one of the following 12 fields:. Students who miss the deadline but are very close to finishing should email Anne Hunter anneh mit. With the exception of a few eeds things, eecx you escs a grad student, different processes and rules govern your education. If you have not received your bachelors degree when you become a grad student, you have both statuses: Please print this receipt and bring it with you when you submit your thesis.


It is important that bucket selection be done only once, as it imposes a burden not just on the Course VI Undergraduate Office, but also on the Registrar’s Office.

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When you have either a full-time TAship or a full-time RAship you can only register for two twelve-unit subjects plus thesis and assistantship credit. Students who hand in a thesis late may be able to graduate at Commencement but not have their names in the Commencement Book. This academic year’s deadlines are listed on the front page of this document. If a student has a source of graduate funding, and is far enough along with the requirements, he or she will often choose to become a grad student in the fourth year eighth term.

It is very important that the Thesis Proposal be started as soon as a supervisor has agreed to work with you on a thesis. The graduate GPA and, to a lesser extent, the undergraduate GPA, can be affected by which subjects are placed in the graduate program.

mit eecs meng thesis

Each are like half-time jobs where you work around 20 hours thesiw week either assisting in the teaching of a class or doing research, which is usually a superset of your thesis research.