Everyone received a study guide in class. After that, people said they have it three or four times a week. You must do both things to receive two points. These are worth 40 points! Use Study Guides to study.

When you are working on a device, do you prefer and onscreen keyboard or an external keyboard? More than half of the people said that they are the same. ELA- All students have a book that they are reading outside of school. Remember to use your textbook. A picture of the blue atlas book map from class is posted in Google Classroom. Please log into your Google Drive and log in.

MATH — worksheet 5. SS — no hw tonight. Students can submit assignments right into Schoology – including audio and video, which is great homedork a music class – and I can grade it very easily. Please write a minimum of one page or for a total of minutes.

Complete sentences are needed. The quiz is twenty multiple choice questions. Words are on page in textbook.


Mrs. Pratt’s 7th Grade Science

There will be a quiz on FDP at the end of next week. They will receive two points towards their grade for having flashcards for their vocabulary words on Wednesday. Monday, February 4, February Homework. How did she bring that idea to life?

8B Homework Assignments

Remember, book thoughts and book review for quarter 4 are due Friday, June 7th. The puzzle time is a graded assignment. ELA- Read for your twenty book challenge. What do you prefer to do your homework on?

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Homeork questions in your HOTB packet. You can create quizzes, and Schoology automatically grades them for you! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Quiz on Ch MATH — 1 Worksheet 5. Study notes, hw, vocab, cram…. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Use your Review Sheet to help you.

Be able to locate and label the countries.


Mrs. Pratt’s 7th Grade Science

Quiz will most likely be given this Thursday. Please bring in an independent reading book to class tomorrow.

ELA- Work on your long term assignments: Start surveying for your project! If you have a copy of the summer reading book please bring into school on Monday. On a music teacher group on Facebook. Bring in your notes to use on the quiz. Answer 1 question in the Zane pamphlet.

8B Homework Assignments

ELA- 20 Book Challenge: This should be a well written paragraph in your science notebook. Here is a great online game for practicing!

MATH — The math quiz on 5. Read pgs and answer questions 1,2,3 on pg

msms homework blog