Personally identifiable data collected from human subjects are also governed by human subject protocols and privacy legislation, which may place restrictions on your use of the data, including its removal from University premises. Where the student retains copyright, the University may be entitled to a share of revenue from the student’s commercialization of the work if the University has made extraordinary resources available to support the creation of the work, such as a direct investment of funding or the purchase of special equipment. Patents protect inventions — that is, creations or discoveries, which are new, not obvious and useful. If there are any errors, type ‘X’ and Enter to exit from L a T e X , make the appropriate changes and then re-run make. If there are no errors, then a. What are the University of Toronto’s Policies regarding intellectual property? The Innovations Group, a unit of the Office of the Vice-President, Research, is a group of professionals brought together to commercialize innovations developed by University researchers.

Normally, the supervisor, in consultation with his or her co-authors, will make the decision as to when or whether a co-authored manuscript should be submitted for publication and to what journal. To assess your intellectual property rights, it is necessary to identify the nature of the relationship within which you created the intellectual property. Not all funding bodies are the same. Both policies are administered by the Office of the Vice-President, Research. In this case, you should be named as a joint inventor in any patent application. The right to co-authorship may be lost if a co-worker leaves the project or does not contribute substantially to the work. However, a requisite of co-authorship is work that involves an original contribution as understood by that discipline.

Sample LaTeX Thesis Template

Publishing Page Content 1. Below are the pages of the thesis template and filler content. Anyone making use of the ideas or contents of your thesis should reference it as a published document. To fix this problem, modify the thesis. If the student anticipates concerns on this matter, he or she should inquire in advance of choosing the professor as a supervisor. We encourage all students and supervisors at the start of the student’s prog ram to complete the Intell e ct u al Property Aw a r e ness form.


After adding your content to the appropriate files you can build your thesis on Linux by using the command line:. When is someone a joint inventor or joint author? Graduate students at the University of Toronto should familiarize themselves at the start of their research program and during their graduate education with these general guidelines and with specific University policies related to inventions and other intellectual property see Appendix 1.

Where the terms of funding include a grant of rights in resulting intellectual property, all project participants will normally be asked to sign an agreement in which they indicate that they have been made aware of the funding terms and agree to abide by them. Two University policies govern the rights in intellectual property created by members of the University community: As a guideline, co-authorship should be recognized only where the individuals have participated in a significant way in at least two of the following aspects of the research: This page describes how to use the L a T e X metathesis template which can be used as a basis for your thesis.

Intellectual Property Guidelines for Graduate Students & Supervisors

In addition, all students, graduate or undergraduate, are governed by specific University policies. Accordingly, this document highlights the similarities – and distinctions – between the applications of intellectual property policies to individuals in various categories.

mun sgs thesis guidelines

In all cases, one must provide appropriate attribution of the source of the data. Data from collaborative research projects are an important resource not just for you, but for the entire research team. Click on a page thumbnail to see a larger picture. A patent mub anyone else from using the invention without the patent owner’s permission for approximately 20 years. You can download them from the SGS Templates page. Copyright does not protect ideas, but rather the expression of such ideas.

Thewis you are a graduate student in the professional Master’s programs, you probably do not have a “supervisor”. If you are using pdflatex to generate your pdf file directly, then figures may not appear guideliens the resulting file. The research project’s funding source may also be relevant.


mun sgs thesis guidelines

There, a “joint sgd is technically someone who has collaborated on a work in which the contributions of the various authors are not distinct from one another. The University’s policies modify the application of this generally applicable principle as noted above.

mun sgs thesis guidelines

gkidelines Susan Pfeiffer Dean October, Introduction Intellectual property issues should be understood within the framework of research policies of the University of Toronto.

An inventor may offer to assign his or her rights to the University or otherwise appoint the University as his or her representative for commercialization of the invention.

Sample LaTeX Thesis Template

The actual PostScript and PDF files created using the above instructions are of much better quality, especially for printing. Alternatively, to remove all the intermediate files, but leave the.

Unless it is clear that your contribution was that of an employee following explicit directions, you are entitled to have your contribution recognized when you generate or compile data or results, even if someone else is the author of a publication and owns or jointly owns the copyright in the report. If you are using an alternative operating system, there are several sites that contain software and information to help you install L a T e X on you own machine.

If there are no errors, then a. Both policies are administered by the Office of the Vice-President, Research. In the humanities and social sciences the student will probably be the only author of the published work that reports on his or her research. My research is supported by external funding, such as a scholarship, fellowship, or my supervisor’s research funding.