Our customers can use our solution to collect, use, and store personal or identifying information regarding their customers. Table of Contents If our security measures are breached, if unauthorized access to customer data, our data, or our solution is otherwise obtained, or if our solution is perceived as not being secure, customers may reduce the use of or stop using our solution, and we may incur significant liabilities. Our solution must integrate with a variety of network, hardware, and software platforms, and we need to continuously modify and enhance our solution to adapt to changes in cloud-enabled hardware,. Brand promotion activities may not yield increased revenue, and even if they do, the increased revenue may not offset the expenses we incur in building and maintaining our brand and reputation. Accordingly, the effect of significant downturns in sales and market acceptance of our solution, and potential changes in our pricing policies or rate of renewals, may not be fully reflected in our operating results until future periods. Table of Contents Failure to comply with anticorruption and anti-money laundering laws, including the FCPA and similar laws associated with our activities outside of the United States, could subject us to penalties and other adverse consequences. Our use of additional or alternative third-party software would require us to enter into license agreements with third parties.

Traditional enterprise resource planning, or ERP, systems were built in the s for product-based businesses, and these product-centric architectures do not adequately support the new requirements that companies face in the Subscription Economy. Larger enterprises typically have longer decision-making and deployment cycles, may have greater resources to develop and maintain customized tools and applications, demand more customization, require greater functionality and scalability, expect a broader range of services, demand that vendors take on a larger share of risks, demand higher levels of customer service and support, require acceptance provisions that can lead to a delay in revenue recognition, and expect greater payment flexibility from vendors. Despite our precautions, our intellectual property is vulnerable to unauthorized access through employee error or actions, theft, and cybersecurity incidents, and other security breaches. We face significant risks if we fail to comply with the FCPA and other anti-corruption laws that prohibit companies and their employees and third-party intermediaries from promising, authorizing, offering, or providing, directly or indirectly, improper payments or benefits to foreign government officials, political parties, and private-sector recipients for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business, directing business to any person, or securing any advantage. Dated March 16,

If customers fail to pay us under the terms of our agreements, we may be adversely affected both from the inability to collect amounts due and the cost of enforcing the terms of our contracts, including litigation. To date, most of our revenue has been attributable to the efforts of our direct sales force. Table of Contents difficult to predict customer adoption rates and demand for our solution, the future growth rate and size of the market for subscription management software, or the entry of competitive solutions.


We believe that developing, maintaining, and enhancing awareness and integrity of our brand and reputation in a cost-effective manner are important to achieving widespread acceptance of our solution and are important elements in attracting new customers and maintaining existing customers.

As an emerging growth company, we may take advantage of specified reduced disclosure and other requirements that are otherwise applicable, in general, to public companies that are not emerging growth companies.

In addition, state, local, and foreign tax jurisdictions have differing rules and regulations governing sales, use, value-added, and other taxes, and these rules and regulations can be complex and are subject to varying interpretations that may change over time.

We may be subject to legal proceedings and claims from time to time relating to the intellectual property of others in the ordinary course of stkdy business.

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Dated March 16, In addition, any zuoea change to the way we structure our compensation of our sales organization may be disruptive and may affect our revenue growth. We have a history of net losses, anticipate increasing our operating expenses in the future, and may not achieve or sustain profitability.

State or other jurisdiction of. By doing so, these competitors may increase their ability to meet the needs of our customers or potential customers. The European Union and United States agreed in to a framework for data transferred from the European Union to the United States, called the Privacy Shield, but this framework zkora been challenged by private parties and may face additional challenges by national regulators or additional private parties.

They increasingly value access over ownership and care more about outcomes and experiences as opposed to simply product specifications or features.

Additional risks and uncertainties that we are unaware of or that we deem immaterial may also become important factors that adversely affect our business.

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We believe the following competitive advantages enable us to maintain and extend our leadership as the system of record for companies in the Subscription Economy:. Table of Contents part on our ability to identify, establish, and retain successful strategic partner relationships in the United States and internationally, which will take significant time and resources and involve significant risk. The market for our solution is characterized by rapid technological change, frequent new product and service introductions and enhancements, changing customer demands, and evolving industry standards.

Neither we nor the underwriters have done anything that would permit this offering or possession or distribution of this prospectus in any jurisdiction where action for that purpose is required, other than in the United States.

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Failure to manage growth effectively could result in difficulty or delays in deploying customers, declines in quality or customer satisfaction, increases in costs, difficulties in introducing new products and services or enhancing existing products and services, loss of customers, or other operational difficulties, any of which could adversely affect our business performance and operating results.


Table of Contents disrupted. We have generated limited revenue through these relationships to date, and we cannot assure you that these partners will be successful in marketing and selling our solution. As a result, our operating results and financial statements may not be comparable to the operating results and financial statements of other companies who have adopted the new or revised accounting standards.

Requirements for Success in the Subscription Economy. Because our solution is often sold to large enterprises and involves long sales cycle and complex customer requirements, it is more difficult to find sales personnel with the specific skills and technical knowledge needed to sell our solution and, even if we are able to hire qualified personnel, doing so may be expensive.

These facilities are vulnerable to damage or interruption from earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fires, cyber security attacks, terrorist attacks, power losses, telecommunications failures, and similar events.

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If we fail to meet these contractual commitments, we could be obligated to provide credits cqse refunds for prepaid amounts related to unused subscription services or face contract terminations, which could adversely affect our operating results. Successful intellectual property infringement claims against us or our resellers or customers could result in monetary liability or a material disruption in the conduct of our business.

If we do not help our customers quickly resolve post-deployment issues and provide effective ongoing customer support, our ability to upsell additional products to existing customers could suffer and our reputation with existing or potential customers could be harmed. Claim your profile and create a Premium Portal for your organization.

ncr case study zuora

We may need to spend significant resources securing and monitoring our intellectual property rights, and we may or may not be able to detect infringement by third parties. We have encountered, and will continue to encounter, risks and uncertainties frequently experienced by growing companies in rapidly evolving markets, such as the risks and uncertainties described caase. Governmental regulation of encryption technology and regulation of imports or exports, or our failure to stkdy required import or export approval for our products, could harm our international sales and adversely affect our operating results.

Additionally, we expect that existing laws, regulations, standards, and other obligations may be interpreted in new and differing manners in the future, and may be inconsistent among jurisdictions. Description of Capital Stock.