Table of Contents Even if the claims do not result in litigation or are resolved in our favor, these claims, and the time and resources necessary to resolve them, could divert the resources of our management and adversely affect our business and operating results. The impact of the Tax Reform Act will likely be subject to ongoing technical guidance and accounting interpretation, which we will continue to monitor and assess. Any errors, defects, disruptions in service, or other performance problems with our solution could result in negative publicity, loss of or delay in market acceptance of our products, loss of competitive position, delay of payment to us, lower renewal rates, or claims by customers for losses sustained by them. Mobile Application Development Platform. This new world has irreversibly changed consumer expectations.

Loss before income taxes. We are also in the process of transitioning the hosting of a portion of our U. If we fail to manage our growth effectively, then our business, operating results, and financial condition could be adversely affected. Failure to manage growth effectively could result in difficulty or delays in deploying customers, declines in quality or customer satisfaction, increases in costs, difficulties in introducing new products and services or enhancing existing products and services, loss of customers, or other operational difficulties, any of which could adversely affect our business performance and operating results. Our customers may expect us to meet voluntary certifications or adhere to other standards established by them or third parties, and we may be required or otherwise find it advisable to obtain these certifications or adhere to these standards.

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The market for our solution is characterized by rapid technological change, frequent new product and service introductions and enhancements, changing customer demands, and evolving industry standards. Our business may be adversely impacted if any platform provider:.

If the shift by companies to subscription business models, including cqse adoption of products and services that are provided through such models, and, in particular, the market for subscription management software, develops slower than we expect, our growth may slow or stall, and our operating results could be adversely affected.

We expect that an increasing transition to disaggregated solutions that focus on addressing specific customer use cases would continue to disrupt the enterprise software space, enabling new competitors to emerge.

Our success depends in large part on our proprietary technology. In addition, in the first year of a subscription, customers often purchase a higher level of professional services such as training and deployment. Further, if our partners fail to obtain required import, export, or re-export licenses or permits, we may also be harmed, become the subject of government investigations or penalties, and incur reputational harm.


We cannot assure you that we will achieve profitability in the future or that, if we casse become profitable, we will be able to sustain profitability. Because the techniques used to obtain unauthorized access to or sabotage systems change frequently and generally are not identified until they are launched against a target, we and our service providers may be unable to anticipate these techniques or to implement adequate preventative measures.

If our customers do not renew their agreements with us, or renew on terms less favorable to us, our revenue may decline.

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In addition, actions taken or omitted to be taken by such parties may adversely affect us. Our customers generally enter into subscription agreements with one- to three-year subscription terms and have no obligation to renew their subscriptions after the expiration of their initial subscription period. Moreover, if our solution is perceived as not being secure, regardless of whether our security measures are actually breached, we could suffer harm to our reputation, and our operating results could be negatively impacted.

This shift started with software, but it is spreading to many other industries that affect our lives, including media and entertainment, transportation, publishing, industrial goods, and retail. Table of Contents Even if the claims do not result in litigation or are resolved in our favor, these claims, and the time and resources necessary to resolve them, could divert the resources of our management and adversely affect our business and operating results.

They were built for the product era and designed to support linear, order-based, sequential, and one-time transactions that focus on selling and shipping products to customers and cqse for those transactions. Because our customers rely on our solution to manage a wide range of subscription management operations, the incorrect cqse improper deployment or use of our solution, our failure to train customers on how to efficiently and effectively use our solution, or our failure to stucy adequate support to our customers, may result in customers not renewing their subscriptions, customers reducing their use of our solution, negative publicity, or legal claims against us.

We believe that developing, maintaining, and enhancing awareness and integrity of our brand and reputation in a cost-effective manner are important to achieving widespread acceptance casd our solution and are important elements in attracting new customers and maintaining existing customers. If we are unable to retain our employees, or if we need to increase our compensation expenses to retain our employees, our business, results of operations, financial condition, casr cash flows could be adversely affected.


Claim your profile and create a Premium Portal for your organization. Furthermore, hiring sales personnel in new countries requires additional set up and upfront costs that we may not recover if the sales personnel fail to achieve full productivity.

Our vision redefines subscriptions in a broader context than a simple monthly fee. Simply adding customizations to ERP systems does not adequately solve for the growing complexities of the Subscription Economy.

Economic uncertainty and associated. Damage to our brand and reputation may result in reduced demand for our solution and increased risk of losing market share to our competitors.

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An open source license typically permits the use, modification, and distribution of software in source code form subject to certain conditions. Any claims or litigation, regardless of merit, could cause us to incur significant stuudy and, if successfully asserted against us, could require that we pay substantial damages or ongoing royalty payments, prevent us from offering our products and services, stdy require that we comply with other unfavorable terms.

Additionally, because we provide billing and finance solutions to help our customers with compliance and financial reporting, changes in law, regulations, and accounting standards could impact the usefulness of our products and services and could necessitate changes or modifications to our products and services to accommodate such changes.

ncr case study zuora

Moreover, recent amendments to U. This prospectus contains additional trade names, trademarks, and service marks of other companies that are the property of their respective owners. Despite precautions, we may also experience planned and unplanned costs, interruptions, delays, and outages in service or other performance problems in connection with such transition. As a result, we may continue to generate losses.

If our solution is not deployed or used correctly or as intended, inadequate performance may result.

Companies in any industry can launch new businesses, shift products to subscription, implement new pay-as-you-go pricing and packaging models, gain new insights into subscriber behavior, and disrupt market segments to gain competitive advantage.

If this occurs, it could have a material adverse effect on our business operations and financial condition.

ncr case study zuora

Moreover, divergence in strategy by any of these partners may materially adversely affect our ability to develop, market, sell, or support our solution. We may experience fewer customer orders, reduced gross margins, longer sales cycles, and loss of market share.