When systems are moved and IP addresses or physical connections change, many applications and severs are sensitive to the change and require special handling or configuration changes. Managing the Physical Move Moving a data center takes thorough planning and strong co-ordination to accomplish within defined move windows. Further savings have been achieved by gaining greater energy efficiency and reducing complexity of their systems. These aren’t just any ideas Our expert IT consultants developed an architecture for this clients datacenter and corporate headquarters based on a converged data and VoIP architecture. This client settled on a multi-gig Cisco architecture in and end of the row configuration. Challenges This client recognized early on that they were going to need help with this initiative.

Extropy experts first went to work to identify everything installed in the data centers, their owners, configurations, connections and purpose. Data Center Consolidation and Migration. As a result, devices and contollers from the ecosystem are open and interoperable. Custom Built IT Solutions. This client settled on a multi-gig Cisco architecture in and end of the row configuration.

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Extropy developed a complete data and application map, reviewed all network configurations, mapped out data traffic and redundant paths, and interviewed all technology owners extensively.

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networking solutions case study data_center

A telecommunications firm, was looking to build out a whitespace with a V DC plant in order to better serve its customers [ The solution provides unified management of all resources with security policies that flexibly match service changes and lower service provisioning and interruption time.

The new network architecture has provided the client with a highly available solution that solutionw available bandwidth and resources efficiently and fairly with comprehensive Quality of Service, QoS. Our solutions with influential brands in the data centre business, work with our team to save time, lower costs, improve ROI, increase reliability, improve efficiency and reduce risk.


networking solutions case study data_center

Facebook tracking to help measure Facebook Ads results and learn more about our website visitors. Custom Built IT Solutions. When planning meets opportunity you have success.

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With help of purely software-defined environment where all functional elements run on commodity servers, with the convergence of elements enabled by a hypervisor Hyper-converged infrastructure is more evolved version of converged infrastructure.

From this analysis, we produce a quality, constructible design centred on the achievement of our client’s business goals.

It offers smart defense from network borders to tenants, against known and unknown threats, and security posture awareness. Download Hollywood studio data center case study Challenge: Choose product to compare. The potential of the hyper-converged infrastructure is that customers will no longer need to rely on different compute solhtions storage systems. Download university case study Challenge: Printer-friendly version Send to friend Login to post comments.

Huawei AI Fabric Solution leverages its ultra-high-speed lossless Ethernet with zero packet loss and low latency to support distributed storage applications.

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This customer was looking for an impartial trusted partner, not a vendor pushing their own solutions, to help them through this project. This solution was the most economical and that would meet their bandwidth and performance needs.


Since these datacenters were not static and did not have strict change control, there were constant add, moves and changes within the data centers. This allows us to design the optimal solution to meet all of your needs. VDI enables customers to resolve the user management issues and minimize the costs by consolidating and centralizing the desktops while delivering end-users mobility and the freedom to access virtual desktops anytime, from anywhere, on any device.

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networking solutions case study data_center

Non persistent desktops revert to their original state each time the user logs out. Accelerate your journey to the Cloud with predictable performance and economics Data Protection: The Chat is available now.

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This client settled on a multi-gig Cisco architecture in and end of the row configuration. By doing so in a controlled environment each asset and application owner was able to identify issues that might arise during the physical migration.

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