What would a UK-based alcoholic beverage manufacturer have to consider in order to try to expand its market share? I heard back quite quickly and was instructed to do the online numerical, verbal reasoning and strategy test, which was okay. View All num of num Close Esc. There are 80 questions to answer in 30 minutes. At the end of the day, you have to remember that these are the kinds of scenarios you will be dealing with every day as a consultant, so the true future consultants will be eager with enthusiasm for this stage of the process.

I am from quite a mathematical background maths a-levels and a degree in Eng and while not finding the questions totally easy-peasy, they were just more of a test of quick calculations and getting through all the material in the time. And may I ask howmany questions were there in the test? The first round of interviews consisted of two 1: I also did a whole lot better on that than some of the I-banking tests. My process involved doing the two tests, and then moving straight into two interviews with Consultants the same morning. The first place to check out is the consulting firm websites themselves. There are 80 questions to answer in 30 minutes.

Consisted of two minutes interviews, with a mix of CV and case-style questioning.


OC&C Strategy Consultants Interview Questions

I hope this helps – do feel free to ask more questions! The process took a week.

Don’t know if you’ve already taken rest test, but there are many free practice tests available online. They interviewed me on the first day too – with examples very similar to those on the website. Our company could go online but analysis of competitors shows we lag behind in total shop area.

oc&c case study test online

Both my first round interviews went quite well. A client has experience a surge in demand for their product, walk me through your analysis.

Applied through university’s career service – emailed through the CV and cover letter. Interview Questions Nothing unexpected really You’ve already checked out SHL, and here’s 3 more:. I was gutted not to get a call back for the stud round, because I was confident that I did quite well in the first round.

oc&c case study test online

There was only one CV based questions. Login with your email. The critical reasoning was ok, but I ended up answering only 30 of the 35 questions, and trst to randomly answer five. Interview Applied through university’s career service – emailed through the CV and cover letter.

It was a good interview experience except that their HR did not respond at all when I asked for feedback after receiving the generic rejection email. They want you to do well and many of the firms have lots of tips and guidance, practice questions and help to get you through. Let your partner know what cases your are interested in.


OC&C Interview

Log in Join our network. Meet Andrew Yang, a US presidential hopeful running against the robots. Interview Applied online and received a reply within a week. In order to prepare for this you have to oc&d and learn how to do case studies. Anonymous B replied on Nov 15, Popular Content See all. How is this company. Deal or no Deal?

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Is the test written by SHL? The skills consulting recruiters are looking for in Brain teasers were challenging but nothing too difficult. I got a reply back in a couple of days. Flag this Item Cancel.

I think I fucked up and chose the wrong Thank you for your time and help. Consultants with successful marriages. Answer Question Estimate the market size for computer hardware for businesses in the UK.