Finally, it is worth nothing that even though most of the target population of previous studies was specific group of employees, however most of the factors used were the same, though some were different. This idea was later applied to organizations to emphasize the idea that unless employees get their needs met on the job, they will not function as effectively as possible. For example Kovach, , Wiley, and Harpaz, However a study from previous researches used in this study showed that different results could be obtained from different groups of already working employees. The emergence of the knowledge economy is one of the most dramatic shifts to have taken place in society since the industrial revolution, with the impact of the World Wide Web I address the belief that, with the current trend of globalization, labour turnover demands more part times to full time jobs, companies need to continuously measure and evaluate their motivational strategies with respect to labour turnover and the number of new applicant and hence think on how to enhance performance. Homework for 5 year olds uk. Indeed Boxall and Steeneveld argue that there is no need to prove the relationship between firm critical influence on performance and labour management as it is self evident that the quality of human resource management is a critical influence on the performance of the firm.

Free write essay topics. Herzberg suggested that there are factors in a job, which causes satisfaction. Concern for strategic integration, commitment flexibility and quality, has called for attention for employees motivation and retention. This refers to the need to become all that one is capable of being to develop ones fullest potential. Therefore, in order to effectively and efficiently utilize this strategic asset, I believe managers and the organization as a whole must be able and willing to understand and hopefully provide the factors that motivate its employees within the context of the roles and duties they perform.

Argumentative essay on school bullying. The survey questionnaire developed included a list of ten factors that were adapted from previous researchers already mentioned malllow the previous discussions.

The fundamental problem, dealt with is what drives or induces people to exploit their potential resources in the way they do in organizations? Firstly, the qualitative method is where the goal is to widen the knowledge and the whole pre-understanding through field observations or in laboratories.


This occupies the last level at the top of the triangle. This perspective is taken with the hope that results of this thesis could act as guide that would help organizations retain their most valuable resource and hopefully reap the rewards of a motivated work force.

As a result, a total of questionnaires see appendix for sample of administered questionnairewere prepared and randomly administered among employees of different organizations.

Assessing the Role of Motivation on Employees

Courses of logical reasoning. To develop a oe theoretical background, several of these materials were utilized, which enabled me to select those that I considered most suitable for this thesis. Specifically, as organizational scholars have paid a great deal of attention to the idea that people are motivated to use their jobs as mechanisms for satisfying their needs.

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The issue of motivation and performance are they positively related? According to Wileyp at some point during our lives, virtually every person may have to work. When employees work as a team they tend to increase their performance. Grading rubric for research paper outline. To evaluate the methods of performance motivation in organization in organizing some motivational factors like satisfies and dissatisfies will be used to evaluate how employees motivation is enhanced other than financial aspects of motivation.

Hence this thesis is mainly quantitative. Though in some situation, it is being operated side by side.

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Research paper on poverty in africa. To some extent, my findings reflects the values, my work is inevitably subjective and that it is important for me to give the reader knowledge regarding mllow background providing the reader with sufficient information against which the work research can be evaluated and understood.

This is done by carrying out a survey in which respondents responding to a survey, ranked the least two most important factor on a list of ten factors, and how these factors influence them. The process egins because of tension within drives or needs of an employee. Assessing the Role of Motivation on Employees. These needs according to Alder need not necessarily activated in any specific order and may be activated at any time. Homework for 5 year olds uk. The factor with the least or lowest sum, was ranked number 10 or the last factor and the factor with the highest sum was ranked 1 or first.


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It can also be looked as a short run criterion of effectiveness that refers to the ability of the organization to produce outputs with minimum use of inputs. An academician and a businessperson can often view problem interpretation differently. According to him if people grew in an environment in which their needs are not met, they will be unlikely to function as healthy individuals or well adjusted individuals. To them this model is theorized to be especially effective in describing the behavior of individuals who are high in growth need strength because employees who are different to the idea of increasing their growth will not realize any physiological reaction to their jobs.

These expectancy value theories are intended to predict an individual choice or decision.

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These he called intrinsic factors motivators and other factor he refers to as dissatisfies hygiene factors. This view is generally regarded as unhelpful though it does have some currency, largely because for most writers and practitioners, it is viewed as being more than the mere absence of qualitative data.

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Extended essay samples economics. Secondly, only four subgroups are considered in this project. This shows that they had a very inaccurate perception of what motivates employees but also that they did rissertation realize the importance of the need theory.

Thus when the issue of a C-level thesis came to my mind I reflected on my past experience with my former employers with motivation being a point of focus.