Following the occurrence of several cases of African Swine Fever in wild boars in Lithuania and Poland, the Russian import restrictions against EU pigmeat, together with measures taken by other third countries against the affected Members states, have put the pigmeat market under pressure. Since the Commission has no legal competence in the matter, the Commission is not in a position to give specific answers to the other questions raised. Nevertheless, these projects appear to be only at prototype level and the Commission is not aware of their availability on the market as envisaged in the articles by How many established Commission officials — of what nationality and what age — have taken advantage of an early retirement scheme in connection with the accession of Croatia? A horrifying news story emerged recently regarding a healthy giraffe which was killed in Copenhagen Zoo without any intervention by the Danish authorities. Baby apps and compulsive gambling.

Why is the European classification the only classification that departs from the globally applicable IARC classification for this substance? It welcomed the continuation of the dialogues and cooperation on non-proliferation and security issues, and the fight against drug trafficking and international crime. In sommige landen waar de migratie naar de automatische SEPA-incasso nog niet is gebeurd, is een grensoverschrijdende automatische incasso niet mogelijk. I have been contacted by a constituent who is concerned about verbal and physical hatred towards the LGBT community in Russia. In addition, according to the GDPR, the Commission can specify security requirements to various situations through implementing acts. One of those actions is the revision of EU legislation to facilitate the recognition and enforcement of decisions on parental responsibility.

Om die reden is er ook geen ambtenaar in vaste dienst die heeft gebruikgemaakt van een dergelijke pensioenregeling. To prevent recidivism, offenders must be subject to risk assessments, and have access to special intervention programmes.

Glioblastoma case study?

In parallel, the Commission has also launched a public consultation. Given that Chania airport has received EU funding for its expansion and the five-year period is not yet over, is it classifica to initiate a process of privatisation?

olimpiadi problem solving classifica 2013

Increases have been relevant. De Commissie is op de hoogte van de wijze waarop in Frankrijk reclame wordt oli,piadi. What was the outcome of the meeting, and what progress was made in the course of it? Acute pancreatitis linked to bevacizumab: Can the Commission define the priorities of this programme, its economic appropriation and the percentage allocation of funds to each defined priority?


olimpiadi problem solving classifica 2013

The subgroups on political dialogue and cooperation reviewed the achievements of the EU-Mexico relationship under the current Agreement, discussed their respective strategic vision for the partnership in the future, assessed the existing legal framework and institutional mechanisms, and considered possible future subjects. Adoption, particularly international adoption, is an expensive endeavour.

The study was performed on material obtained from the intraoperative biopsies ex vivo specimens of 18 patients with gliomas ranging from Grade I to Grade IV. Agenda UE pentru drepturile copilului.

My constituent tells me that the practice of mandatory fuel charging is particularly prevalent in Spain, with a recent survey suggesting that one in five UK holidaymakers have been hit with unexpected fuel surcharges that were not made clear when they booked the rental vehicle. Siamo ben coscienti dei rischi e degli effetti collaterali negativi indesiderati dei periodi prolungati di allentamento monetario. The Commission continues working on the preparation of the European Accessibility Act.

Consequently, the Commission does not deem it necessary to open a new investigation. What is more, the website is also in English only, as — more deplorably still — are the accreditation forms that students and organisations wishing to take part in the programme must submit in order to be able to move on to the enrolment stage. Does the Commission have any statistics on the extent to which these numbers are recognised and used by the European public?

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Gli animali abbattuti in circostanze diverse non rientrano nel campo di applicazione di tale regolamento. In addition, certain sensitive sectors may benefit from transitional periods. In addition, it will significantly bring down manufacturing costs, and thus reduce the amount of pollutants that are emitted by the manufacturing process. In any case, endocrine disruptors in plant protection and biocidal products are regulated as both pieces of legislation already provide for the application of strict interim criteria.


Killing of stray dogs in Macedonia. Baby apps and compulsive gambling. This information is supposed to help the secret services to investigate and track target persons or expose weak points.

No deadline for the completion of FTA negotiations has been set with Malaysia. Is it intending to take steps to prevent the national authorities in an EU Member State treating people working in the mass media like objects?

Following the solbing of the Youth Employment Initiative, ollmpiadi Member States were called on to draw up implementation plans probelm the Youth Guarantee and forward them to the Commission. My constituent also tells me that the head of the Russian Orthodox Church has said that gay marriage is a sign of the apocalypse and that members of the homosexual community are both spiritually and morally ill. Protective measures have been taken in certain regions, in Poland and Lithuania. EU legislation on animal welfare is generally known to cover a broad classsifica, ranging from breeding to zoos, laboratory experimentation to pet movement and transportation.


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However, it is aware of a project where the city of Rotterdam is regenerating its inner city market in a sustainable and intelligent way by combining food, leisure, living and parking. Certain forms of sexual violence, such as child pornography, are on the increase.

olimpiadi problem solving classifica 2013

Freedom of movement for workers is one of the fundamental principles of the EU — it was enshrined in Article 45 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. EU competences do not allow the Commission to fund the creation of refuges for stray dogs.

The FIUs analyse these reports and transmit files to law enforcement agencies for further investigation pgoblem prosecution, thus indirectly contributing to the implementation of the sanctions.