International workshop on nursery culturing of bivalve molluscs, February , , Ghent, Belgium. Sediment transport by tropical cyclones recorded in a submarine canyon off Bangladesh. Density, biomass and feeding consumption of some demersal fish along salinity gradient in the Westerschelde area. De functieverlaging van de Koninklijke Baan langsheen de Vlaamse kust. Start-up, catch-up, keep-up, give-up stages in deep-water coral banks, in: Faculty of Sciences, Ghent University: Kustverdediging voor de Belgische kust:

Coastal protection – Marine technology. Monitoring van prioritaire vluchtige organische stoffen in het Schelde-estuarium. Invloed van uitstromend water op de strandmorfologie te Koksijde. The neotectonic control on sedimentation and rivers, in: Organisatorische benadering scheepvaartverkeer Schelde-estuarium:

Wegen naar preventieve milieuzorg: Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism One obtains the scientific attitude to solve these problems by selecting and applying thesiss methods qualitative and quantitative field analysis, direct and indirect observation techniques, physical and chemical analytical techniques, modelling of geological processes etc.

Feasibility study of the visualization of sandy bottom transport by using particle tracking velocimetry. Electrotrawling for brown shrimp: Manoeuvreergedrag van ppbouw in slibrijke vaarwateren.

Hofrituelen en koloniale recuperatie van de Oostendse Compagnie in 18e eeuws Bengalen en Ugeent. A new 3D seismic acquisition system for very high and ultra high resolution shallow water studies.


opbouw thesis ugent

Towards an ecosystem approach to marine management. Tgesis de Riu lobe, Ebro Delta. Provides administrative or technical support to marine scientific research. Men and their influence on the evolution of coastal landscapes in the North Sea area, in: Start-up, catch-up, keep-up, give-up stages in deep-water coral banks, in: Silicate weathering in anoxic marine sediments.


The quest for the Africa-Eurasia plate boundary west of the Strait of Gibraltar. Acoustic and visual characterisation of methane-rich seabed seeps at Omakere Ridge on the Hikurangi Margin, New Zealand.

Verwerking van navigatie en deiningscompensatie in 3D seismisch onderzoek met zeer hoge resolutie.

Marine and coastal processes. A new probabilistic approach to estimating marine gastropod densities from baited traps.

opbouw thesis ugent

Poolposttentoonstelling en herdenkingstentoonstelling A. EGU, more Chen, H. Nature and significance of the carbonate mound record: Release of arsenic from intertidal sediments of the river Scheldt: New methods and potential for coastal landscape reconstruction. Tide and wave dynamics on a sand bank from deep shelf of the Western Channel approaches. Conclusions and recommendations, in: The Black Sea flood question: Emphasis is put on acquiring general academic skills such as research and exploration, reporting, co-operation with fellow students uegnt researchers.


Universiteit Gent: Master of Science in Business Economics (Corporate Finance)

A multidisciplinary comparative study between Greece and Spain. Dynamics of heavy metals in reedbeds along the banks of the river Scheldt. Mapping the seabed of the Belgian part of the North Sea to assist in a science-based approach to management. Head of the department.

Bone mineralization in European eel Anguilla anguilla during maturation from the yellow eel stage to the silver eel stage. Implications for Antarctic glacial history. Fractionatie en extractie van zware metalen in het sediment van oeverzones van de Schelde.