Single-cell analysis of fate-mapped macrophages reveals heterogeneity, including stem-like properties, during atherosclerosis progression and regression. If you and your advisor agree that the scope of your thesis warrants additional credit, and your college and department’s policies allow it, you may register for additional credits. Colleges, departments, or advisors may elect to set different requirements for thesis credits that meet the needs of their programs. Upper-division special topics for University Honors College students. A data integration methodology for systems biology: Send Page to Printer. You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users.

Stochastic simulations of large-scale genetic regulatory networks. The project’s progress will be documented on the Beaver Genome Project Website. Exceptions may be considered only by petition see International Degree office for details. Benton Habitat for Humanity. Demonstration of end of fourth-year level proficiency in a foreign language by successful completion of an achievement test administered by the School of Language, Culture, and Society at OSU. Student Services – ois. However, despite the new breadth of access, perhaps the depth of the resulting social networks is not equally adequate.

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One course selected from the Western Culture category 3—4 credits ; Two courses selected from the Cultural Diversity category 6—8 credits ; One course selected from the Western Culture, Cultural Diversity, or Contemporary Global issues categories 3—4 credits. Steve receives an NSF Career Award for his project to investigate the effects of genetic variants in tesis noncoding genome.


You must also complete a minimum of 32 credits in residence beyond the minimum to credits required for most primary degrees. Upload document Create flashcards. Our collaboration’s’ article on smooth muscle foam cells is the online thewis Pick” for March and it is highlighted in an editorial in the March edition of ATVB!

oregon state uhc thesis

This may be met in one of the following ways: UHC students must satisfy all university and major degree requirements, including: Investigation of reagent delivery formats in a multivalent malaria sandwich immunoassay and implications for assay performance. Sahana Shah a Saturday Academy summer high school intern and Ashley LaBarre an undergraduate student join the lab to work on the canine osteosarcoma project.

Two new manuscripts accepted for publication — one article describes a new method for transcription factor binding site enrichment analysis, and the other article describes a systems biology approach for drug repositioning.

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T he University Honors College is about enrichment: Uncovering a macrophage transcriptional program by integrating evidence from motif scanning and expression dynamics.

In either instance successful completion leads to receipt of an honors baccalaureate degree.

Add this document to saved. Asymmetric positive feedback loops reliably control biological responses. Our article on deep residual networks for identifying functional noncoding variants, on which Zheng Liu is first author, has been accepted into the Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing Conference.

Interacting field theories in Robertson-Walker spacetimes: We use machine learning to study the role of noncoding regulatory elements in pathogenesis. Congratulations and best wishes, Jun! You may create a new collection.


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Causation, Counterfactuals, and Imagination-based AI. Read some of Dr. Loss of two Akt isoforms in hematopoietic cells diminished monocyte and macrophage survival and reduces atherosclerosis in Ldl-receptor null mice.

And thank you, for your support, UHC!

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Requirements for the Senior Thesis Include: Ryan Tollefsen is a double major in physics and mathematics. We are committeed to open science and to providing to the scientific community the software code that we have developed in our research projects; see our GitHub uhhc. College of Forestry at Oregon State University.

oregon state uhc thesis

Kendra Jackson and Isabella Karabinas are biochemistry and molecular biology juniors. Our article on DNA shape has been accepted for publication in Bioinformatics. Stephen gave a research seminar at the University of Tampere in Finland. Phillips, MilesAridi, Rasha Subject: David Koslicki tgesis on behalf of Team X-ray.

Our manuscript co-authored with Shay Bracha on bladder cancer has been accepted for publication in Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer.

oregon state uhc thesis

Ilya Shmulevich visited from the Institute for Systems Biology. They have a highly developed social consciousness and a sense of responsibility.