Show 25 25 50 All. The PRISMA statement for reporting systematic reviews and meta-analyses of studies that evaluate health care interventions: Using Monte Carlo simulation, this parameter uncertainty, is translated into uncertainty in the overall results. Appendix 6, Review protocol. Objective The main aims of this project are to determine the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of low-intensity psychological or psychosocial interventions to prevent relapse in patient with depression.

Discrepancies will be resolved by discussion, with involvement of a third reviewer when necessary. In part B of the review, all relevant evaluations of interventions involving qualified health professionals e. CBT, behavioural activation, problem solving therapy and couples therapy will be excluded. Low Intensity Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy: All relevant evaluations of interventions involving qualified health professionals e. High-intensity psychological interventions requiring ongoing interaction with a mental health professional e.

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To populate this model using the most appropriate data identified systematically from published literature and routine data sources. In general, people with depression tend to prefer psychological and psychosocial interventions to pharmacological interventions. Health Technology Assessment, No. Problem Solving Worksheet C – How did it go? The epidemiology of major depressive disorder: The global burden of disease: Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders.

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Low-intensity psychological interventions can include approaches such as computer-delivered treatments and self-help books, for which people may or may not receive personal support.

Resource utilisation will reflect the inputs associated with the psychological interventions themselves, medication and depression-related events. The expected value of perfect information EVPI will be estimated for the overall decision problem and for key parameters. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. There are many more here!


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At the Oxford branch, 50 therapists handle 6, cases a year, and the workload is rising by 1, cases a year. Centre for Reviews and Dissemination. Details of an example search strategy are presented in Appendix 1.

Self-help books for people with depression: American Psychiatric Association, editor. This is presented using cost-effectiveness acceptability curves which show the probability that each intervention is cost-effective conditional on a range of possible threshold values which NHS decision makers attach to an additional QALY.

People with depression may sllving treated with medicines, psychological interventions or both. Animal models, preclinical and biological studies, reviews, editorials, and opinions will be excluded.

Rikki had a long history of depression, including feeling suicidal in his teens, having a breakdown when he worked as an ambulance paramedic after attending repeated cot deaths, and most recently working as an environmental health officer. Using Monte Carlo simulation, this parameter uncertainty, is translated into uncertainty in the overall results. Report methods for synthesising evidence of cost-effectiveness Identifying and systematically reviewing published cost-effectiveness studies Systematic searches will be undertaken to identify existing published studies reporting the cost-effectiveness of low intensive psychological interventions for the secondary prevention of relapse after depression.

The NICE clinical practice guidelines recommend that CCBT, individual guided self-help and structured group physical activity programmes be considered for people with persistent subthreshold depressive symptoms or iwpt to moderate depression.

Oxford University Press; Thousands of patients have to be sent for treatment outside their local area each year, a practice linked to suicide, the rate of which is rising, particularly among men. Use the links on this page to look at information, resources and therapy outlines for specific disorders. Consequently, less intensive therapies and innovative delivery formats such as group-based work have been developed.


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Panic Disorder – Barlow. Reaching the quota involves not listening to the real and deteriorating situation of patients. Studies defining depression on the basis of scores above a cut-off point on a recognised psychometric measure or on the basis of unaided clinical diagnosis will also be considered. Data from multiple publications of the same study will be extracted as a single study.

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Evaluation of costs and cost-effectiveness The quality of the cost-effectiveness studies will be assessed according to a checklist updated from that developed by Sokving et al 16 and Philips et al. This is necessary in order to provide decision makers with an indication of the health gain achieved by each intervention, relative to its additional cost, in units which permit comparison with other uses of health service resources. Studies reporting outcomes related to relapse or recurrence e.

problem solving iapt

Decision problem Background Depression Depression can refer to a range of mental health problems primarily characterised by persistent depressed mood and loss of interest in activities, among other potential symptoms.