List scientific expertise needed to review your application. Choose Your Path Your resubmission can take one of two paths: When you resubmit, you’re playing by new rules: But you’ll still want to check your new FOA for the information we just mentioned. Resubmissions have several unique rules. The form is not a requirement—you could even choose to complete only one of the fields listed above and leave the rest blank.

Indicate that you are a member of an NIH study section qualified to submit at a nonstandard time. Read more about timing at Timelines and Due Dates. Because a summary statement is not an exhaustive critique of your proposal, it may not list all concerns reviewers had plus issues they may have raised had the discussion continued. Point out requests for applications and program announcements. See the Late Applications section in Submission Policies. Here’s how to proceed: If possible within your introduction’s one-page limit, address comments point by point.

If a significant amount of time passes before you can resubmit, reassess the science and consider submitting a new application instead of a resubmission, particularly if the science has evolved.

Identify any NIH institutes or centers as an awarding component, both positively “assign to” and negatively “do not assign to”. Make sure your introduction does the following: We can’t stress the point enough.

resubmission cover letter nih

Then after you get your summary statement, add to the revisions you’ve already made to address peer reviewer concerns. If the announcement has been reissued or updated, make sure you’re aware of new deadlines, eligibility criteria, forms, and instructions, ersubmission of which may have changed since your previous application. Notice how they approached the reviewers in their applications and how it reflects our advice above:.


Revise and Resubmit an Application | NIH: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

If your reviewers were not enthusiastic about your idea, reassess the study section. Skip to main content. This route is the most common one and works well when the points of lettet are limited. Don’t hesitate to make other changes.

You Will Still Use Cover Letters, but Not for Assignment Requests

Abutment Plague in San Francisco: Be respectful even if you disagree. Indicate that you plan to send video files later.

You can also still use the cover letter to: You may want to begin revising even before you get your summary statement since waiting may cause you to miss the next receipt date.

Don’t launch into your resubmission until you’ve read our instructions and advice below. Capitalize lrtter your strengths and throw out or revise the parts reviewers felt were weak.

On this form you can: But you’ll still want to check your new FOA for the information we just mentioned. And if you need additional preliminary data or new data is imminent, wait until you have it before resubmitting.

resubmission cover letter nih

September 17, Minutes: You must create a one-page introduction that addresses all your reviewers’ issues that are stated in your summary statement. Do you have a sense that no matter what you wrote your reviewers wouldn’t have appreciated it? Start revising as soon as you can and resubmit when ready, keeping in mind the caveats noted above and in the next section below. Check again that your Specific Aims line up with your hypothesis.


Content last reviewed on February 1, On this form you can:. Reviewers look at the application in the context of their critiques, so the approach is effective if you can readily answer their concerns.

Be sure your introduction at least does the following: It’s better to wait for the next receipt date than send an application prematurely.

The form is not a requirement—you could even choose to complete only one of the fields listed above and leave the rest blank.

resubmission cover letter nih

Then ask yourself these questions:. Respond point by point to the reviewers’ comments and suggestions, stating how you dealt with all the criticisms in the summary statement.

Then ask yourself these questions: That’s a clue that your application and the study section were a poor fit. Through applicants are no longer required to mark their changes, Drs.