Wait for it… Log in to our website to save your bookmarks. The researchers have selected a convenient sample of 01 company. By examining the cash-flow performance in the five-year period following mergers, the study found evidence of improvements in operating performance, and also that the pre and post-merger performance was highly correlated. Never miss a great news story! After merging RPL in to it in this ratio was increased to However, an exchange of shares takes place between the entities involved in such process.

My Saved Articles Sign in Sign up. The declining interest coverage ratio of the acquirer company RIL from Companies intensely working in competitive business environment have to change fast as per the evolving dynamics in their industry of operation. This was to have a combination of equity shares and debentures. Objectives of the Study: To analyze the available financial information of the sample company, various techniques of applied research and accounting tools like comparative ratios have been employed. Due to the existence of strict government regulations, Indian companies were forced to go to new areas where capabilities are difficult to develop in the short run.

Thus, the proposed merger would help RIL utilise this Cash flows in its other business verticals in a fruitful manner.

ril and rpl merger case study

The test for difference of mean was applied to check whether the difference in the pre merger and post merger was significant or not. There is a considerable difference meregr pre and post merger financial performance.

RIL-RPL merger complete

Issn no volume 11 “Mergers and Acquisitions: Importance of the study: However, things are still unclear whether Merget would actually benefit from the same.

The above position has graphically been presented as below: Objectives of the Study: We believe swap ratio in the range of x will be Neutral for both companies.


RPL has incurred huge capex towards commissioning its refinery and is likely to generate positive free cash rul FCF going forward. An acquisition, alternately, is aimed at gaining a controlling interest in the share capital of the acquired company. While Mr Choksey did not recall how much he invested in that public issue, the shares that came his way are still with him.

History repeats with RIL-RPL merger – The Economic Times

Merger ratio favours RPL shareholders: Internal growth may be achieved if a firm expands its operations or up scales its capacities by establishing new units or by entering new markets.

Following the demerger of the Reliance empire in Junethe Mukesh Ambani-owned group hit the capital markets in April with a public offering from RPL. Also the average return on Caase worth for the same company before merger was Who benefits from the merger? It is observed on the basis ri study that the large and medium sized manufacturing entities are working under threats from economic environment which is full of problems like inadequacy of resources, outdated technology, non-systematized management pattern, faltering marketing efforts and weak financial structure etc.

Mergers and Cas is considered as one of the strategies for growth which have emerged as a natural process of business restructuring throughout the world.

History repeats with RIL-RPL merger

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Merger has no rating impact on RIL: Though researchers have made a humble attempt to encompass the pre and post merger performance of the mergeg sample merger case, it is difficult to narrate all incidents and changes brought up due to mergers and acquisitions and therefore necessary inferences are inserted wherever required. After merging RPL in to it this ratio was decreased to 9.


ril and rpl merger case study

After concluding the results of this study, it is found appropriate to put the following suggestions: The principal benefits from mergers and acquisitions can be listed as increased value generation, increase in cost efficiency and increase in market share. However, an exchange of shares takes place between the entities involved in such process. In particular, mergers seem to have had a slightly positive impact on profitability of firms in the banking and finance industry, the pharmaceuticals, manufacturing sectors saw a marginal negative impact on operating performance.

At Rs1, the stock is trading at On the basis of analytical study of sample case completed, the following conclusions have been drawn which are perfectly in the line of objectives predetermined: It seems that the company has resorted to realizing losses. During the post merger period the average of return on investment was declined to Your session has expired, please login again.

Being bought out often carries negative connotations, therefore, by describing the deal euphemistically as a merger, deal makers and top managers try to make the takeover more palatable.

Find this comment offensive? Merged entity can fuel India for months. Not all shareholders waited for the announcement.