We are working a lot more with them in terms of monitoring and enforcement action. A Comparative Study of Executive Agencies. The American Review of Public Administration, 36 1 , Thus Benington argues that beyond the market sphere public value includes: In terms of public confidence, public understanding, we look through our own eyes as members of the public and see what we see. CPS regional 3 The importance of such informal sources of performance information was confirmed by similar comments made by interviews from all of the case study organisations. Prisons are much more in the daily eye of the politicians and the media.

Under the engineering model public officials are seen as technicians who implement public policies defined by their political masters. We are, locally at least, progressing the idea of joint management plans for some offenders. Victoria University of Wellington library. Some broad assessment of the results of stakeholder engagement also occurs through the formal and informal feedback mechanisms used by all of the case study organisations and, as noted above, the performance of individual public service chief executives is in no small part assessed by the third party feedback received by their employer, the State Services Commissioner. Those interviewed included operational supervisors and local managers as well as regional and national office based managers. Those theories stress a hierarchical accountability structure in which officials as agents are accountable in a quasi- contractual relationship to an ideally single principle.

In either case sensemaking is likely to produce a unitary but narrow account and a single action or series of consistent actions. Implications for Performance Measurement. A Comparative Study of Executive Agencies.

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We are working a lot more with them in terms of monitoring and enforcement action. While some of the interviewees were very concerned with reacting to the media and public criticisms, others described more proactive tyesis by which they managed their interactions with their authorising and co-producing environment.

They were then asked to define their performance objectives and the factors that affect their ability to achieve them. The more technically complex the task is perceived to be, the greater the reliance that is placed on the professional training and knowledge of its managers and the more operational freedom they will experience. In practice that sense making will occur in the context of the limited knowledge that is usually available in complex social and organisational settings, i.


Public value assumes that public managers will try to both shape public opinion and have their views shaped in turn. The interviews were also recorded, transcribed into Microsoft Word and a copy of the transcript returned to each interviewee for their review and to enable them to provide any further comments they believed thesie necessary.

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In respect of the sentence of home detention, an interviewee explained: Officials are often in a unique position in terms of the experience and knowledge thesus possess and the opportunities they have to utilise it. As shown in Figure 1, each of these sensemaking forms produces different accounts descriptions of an issue and its context and actions i.

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In this respect a manager from the Department of Corrections provided an example by describing the cancellation of a process by which prisoners who had served a longer term sentence could be released from prison to home detention for a three month period before they were due for release on parole.

In the case of Public Prisons a male and a female prison were chosen as sites. WI local 4 Other interviewees from Work and Income described a range of joint projects that included: However, such fragmented accounts and patterns of action are dependent on the number and diversity of external stakeholders. Mechanisms are required by which this can be more formally recognised and managed.

Moore has suggested that the management of public value and more broadly public capital requires non-elected public servants to assume an active role in the external authorising environment to promote and maintain the trust in, and legitimacy of, their agency.

As another interviewee noted: Another interviewee from that organisation explained that, while broad community consultation had been successful in gaining the support and participation of local government in efforts to lower the number of fatal road accidents, this was becoming increasingly difficult in the face of fiscal constraints. Prominent escapes are news, especially if the escapees go on to commit further crimes. Those relationships include not only those between officials and their immediate manager, or chief executives and their ministers, but also relationships between officials and officials in other government agencies, between officials and advisors to ministers, with central oversight agencies, interest groups, professional associations, community groups and the media.


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The impact of those interactions is not limited to the more senior levels of management as a local level manager from the Department of Corrections observed when commenting on the need to provide large amounts of information for purposes of external accountability: The Australian Journal of Public Administration, 66 4 CP regional 1b That interviewee therefore suggested that managing such sentences is: Significantly, those surveys showed that perceptions of service quality in terms of equity and responsiveness i.

Identifying Stakeholders in a Portuguese university: Thus Benington argues that beyond the market sphere public value includes: Democratically this should surely be reassuring, although public officials may not always view it that way. Whilst these interviews, and their subsequent analysis, were categorised into three organisational levels local, regional and nationalthere were variations in the organisational structure and number of levels of each organisation.

Interviewees at all levels of that agency commented on the problems of maintaining public confidence. S he explained that, although within the agency there was a good deal of nervousness about the possible response, the media were invited to visit the residence and understand what routinely occurs there. They were also asked about the factors or issues they are required to measure and report on and whether these are, in practice, useful in terms of planning for, and monitoring progress in achieving, their objectives.

Sensemaking and sensegiving in strategic change initiation. It also explores to what extent those interactions are recognised in formal performance management systems.

rodney dormer thesis