We aim to keep the quality of our papers on the highest level. Students received a Weekly Sheet on Tuesday; I am missing 4 signed sheets. Students particularly those who are putting on costumes MUST be in school by 7: Religion — Chapter 5 Test tomorrow. You need NOT write repetitions of words where the mistake was hyphen only.

Here are some things you could be accomplishing on our day off: Spelling — 5x each word spelled incorrectly. Vocabulary — Book pp. Math — Workbook p. I am still waiting for three responses to the Class Trip. Vocabulary — As I mentioned to the students, I will review the list of 12 words via a story with the class, and then it will be the students responsibility to finish the Unit pages by a certain due date. Spanish — Write words in next 3 balloons, 3x each in notebooks.

Use a Proper Adjective for each one i. Friendly Letter see example on p.

Tomorrow is Library … bring your book! Spelling — Write words misspelled on pretest 5 x each.

Saint Michael School Cranford NJ – Class Pages

Spanish — In notebooks, due on Friday. That has to do homewoek with a small portion of who you are. English — Finish classwork, Text. Social Studies — Finish classwork, workbook p. Science 4A — Planet report, due on Wed.


Vocabulary Book — pp. Kress is once again offering Art Club hhomework students in Grades 5 — 8. FYI, the students in 5A attended Confession with the parish priests today. Science — No homework for any class tonight.

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Students will receive a Project Grade sheet soon. You must bring back the order form that you were given last week with payment. Vocbulary Book — cranforr. Quiz on twelve words homewodk. Science 4A — Some students owe me work from the last few weeks. There will be a small amount of time to complete during class tomorrow, but if 2 or more pages are not yet completed, please work on those for homework.

Our writers work closely with you to create the best possible assignment deserving of the highest grade.

Mrs. DeMan Homework

Study high-lighted portions of your book! I am missing 6.

sms cranford homework

Spanish — Test tomorrow, and worksheet due. English — Complete classwork, pp. Many reminders and one assignment below. Science 4A — Students were each assigned a planet, on which they will do a Report Page. This is where you will set up your display. It was a very good Testing Week. Student of the Week begins next week!


Please bring instruments Advanced Band tomorrow, for practice during Music period. English — Workbook, pp.

sms cranford homework

Author name Title of books Edition, publishing agencies, publication place and publication date. This work may be done for homework, or when students are finished other classwork early.

Spelling — Write misspelled words 5x smw, based on results of pre-test. We welcome any auction prize donations! Tomorrow Thursday is our turn at the Book Fair.