As a PhD student, I’m not familiar with this class, so maybe I’m off-base Yes, there are weekly homework assignments, but they are great practice for the exams. I made sure to follow the exact wording that Gunderson wrote down in lectures in the coursepack, and I never got any points off in my conclusions in my exams. My exam schedule was tough that semester and I only had time to study for the exam after another exam in the morning on the same day but I didn’t feel like it was cramming because I had been doing stats work up until right before the exam. They are picky with wording because you really do need to include specific words to make sure the conclusion is accurate.

Important links off this site: If you don’t say on average 37 times on each problem on the exams, then you WILL get your throat slit. Sitemap Facebook Twitter Youtube. It’s not super hard , but I def think it shouldn’t be taken with heavy workload classes. Question can require upload of graph or image, with or without additional text answer.

Well in any hlmework stats is definitely a good class to have under your belt now that it’s over with. We will not publish your email.

It’s still way easier than any of the calc classes. One of them was about the “tailed-ness” of the graph and the answer was still “that concept doesn’t apply to this question.


Statistics 250

This site uses cookies. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. WinterSections 3 and 7. Intro to Statistics at University Of Michigan.

Statistics – ratemyumichclass

On the exams, they are extremely nit picky. Trying to weed people out rather than help them actually try to learn.

Section — Meets with Statistics Share buttons are a little bit lower. In addition to the hw, they have these really dumb Mwrite assignments, where you basically have to write a one page paper about statistics. Yes, there are weekly homework assignments, but they are great practice for the exams. Notify me of new comments via email.

If you approach these questions in your own words no template well then, uh, you are not fine lol.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. However, if you are in CS and need this class for credit, don’t take some other class. Ratings are done on a scale 1 being poor, 5 being excellent. Pose multiple-choice homework that students must answer prior to class with links to on-line textbook to read supporting material i.

Click to call Incorporate clicker questions into my lectures for feedback and tailoring of my teaching and guiding learning 3. I did all this and still got a C. All of my friends would remark on how easy it was and so I decided it might be worthwhile. Your name, email address, and comment are required.


stats 250 umich homework

For example, the program in the environment major that I am working on requires stats That’s exactly how I felt. A web-based program that includes a searchable eBook, interactive teaching. It’s well organized and the exams don’t require much critical thinking. Submit a new text post. I got a C- in one of my classes too, and probably a lot others out there.

stats 250 umich homework

Introduction to Probability Section — Winter of Class 4: This is actually a really useful site. If you go as far as saying maybe one word off from what they expect, you lose points. Over the course of the term, you will approach basic statistic topics, such as measures of location, measures of dispersion, probability, and sampling distributions, imich then apply it to analyze data.

Link to class evaluation form: Ch9 Sec 1; Stats.