Look, cover, say, write, check can be very effective. This might sound very basic and something that you do all the time but I find that quite often textbook schemes of work do not have this link from one element to the next. Here are a few suggested options for Tuesday and beyond: We decided that at the back of her book we should have a problems page. So why not just give the kids the book?! The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve suggests they will have lost some of it after the lesson so this is my attempt to fight the curve!

They are then set homework to learn these phrases and tested on them in the subsequent lesson. This would allow for differentiation as well as more technically complicated tasks. Lastly in that first 5 minutes, focus on the ones who need your attention most. Some of the below would be top of my list! If you are following Mira 2 then you maybe approaching a module on clothes. I believe Vocabulary Express does allow such things but have yet to try it. Jonathan aka trekkiep mentioned that his school has a 5 period day with period 6 for kids who don’t submit HW during the day.

Rachel Hawkes suggests that students should achieve a certain amount of points from a selection of activities to prove they have done their homework, using a variety of different techniques. Why set homeworks that test only one skill??! The only issue I have with these sites is you cannot see which students have done the work!

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At the prestructural level of understanding the student needs help to takeawayy. With the appearance of translation in the new GCSE, this could be a place to include it? Take Away Homework Take away homework within ICT was developed to allow students the opportunity to select their homework. I would argue the amount of reinforcement also helped. I teach German and one thing I have been trying to do is to link new learning to old learning at every opportunity. Underlining an entire piece of work in different highlighters.


Another idea would be to ask students for an ASL calcuation. I have increased the amount of grammatical practice in my lessons this year and it is gradually working.

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Essentially, homes with the greatest cultural capital, typically more affluent and middle class, will just fill the gap with their own family-education as they always have. Have you considered banning certain words from their paragraphs?

It has only taken 5 years tkeaway have it. TES is full of these. He has therefore added instructions on the takeaway homework menu not ml do a task unless the topic has been covered in class or it is a research HW. One colleague said that he gets students to copy the target from the previous piece of written work at the top of the next piece of written work they are set, so that it is in their mind while they are producing it.

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Arttesano via Compfight cc. Firstly, make it really clear what you want students to do with the time and how you want them to do it. For a while we ran with comment only marking and to an extent we still do in that pieces of work are not graded.


Most students do not care about the work they have done once it is over. She has responded really well. At the unistructural level one aspect of the task is picked up, and student understanding is […].

takeaway homework mfl

Who was Ha ns Ri egel from Bo nn? Why do so many pupils not do it?

takeaway homework mfl

The question is now what to do about the less-dedicated ones but that is another blog post! Are my students so inattentive? It was not triple impact marking or deep marking or excessive dialogue.

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Vocabulary learning Photo Credit: I mentioned DIRT mats in this post. So, take away homework and what do we have? It adds value and reinforces their importance.

Government publish results of review into marking. Read them out regularly to your class and discuss. I see no point in repeating him. The second video shows that over time with a diet of quality instruction and effective feedback people generally improve at whatever they are doing.