These may be located in the main text or appendices of your document and must be landscaped. The version submitted to our office has been approved by the chair and committee. Publication usually occurs within six months from the end of a semester in which you graduated. If a student is serious about avoiding registration, the student needs to turn in their Written Approval form and submit their ETD as close to the date that Vireo reopens as possible. Are scanned signatures accepted on the Written Approval form? If you have extreme circumstances that require special consideration, please contact our office. How many rounds of review can I expect?

Most commonly there are two to three rounds of review; however, a few students each semester will receive four or five rounds of review. However, since the head of department signature must be original i. How will I know if I have cleared? How do I conduct a Fair Use Analysis? In general terms, the process can take approximately weeks during non-peak review times and approximately weeks during peak review times week of deadline to graduation. All students who are planning to graduate must submit their ETDs and Written Approval forms on or before the submission deadline or they are not eligible for graduation in that semester. You may change your hold choice at any time prior to clearing our office.

Steps to Fulfill Doctoral Degree Requirements You must maintain continuous registration until all degree requirements have been met. A record of study is very similar to a dissertation, but is the name given to the culminating document for Doctor of Education and Doctor of Engineering degrees.

Please fill out a Hold Extension Request Form and send it to thesis tamu.


Forms and Information

However, please be aware of any impending deadlines that might make a faster turnaround necessary. In Pre-Submittal Conference presentations, we go in-depth into formatting requirements, steps from submission to clearing, and everything else that it takes to clear the Thesis and Dissertation Services Office.

Consequently, the templates are also updated. If not, you can attend and walk the stage, but your diploma tube will be empty — contact Registrar to receive diploma after you clear. Welcome to Thesis and Dissertation Services. These may be located in the main text or appendices of your document and must be landscaped. It is highly recommended that you use a template.


How can I fix the preliminary page numbers in the Table of Ofaps from appearing in all caps? If Document Only Hold is chosen, just the metadata, author, keywords, title, and abstract will be published, meaning the rest of the document will not appear online for two years.

There are several ways to obtain a copyright permission.

tamu ogaps thesis proposal

Is the Written Approval form the same as the Proposal Approval form? Are scanned signatures accepted on the Written Approval form? Early in the semester after the early clearance deadline: Those requirements include the following steps: Clearing means that all requested formatting corrections have been made and all other requirements have been completed. With that being said, the prlposal you return a corrected document, the sooner we can review it again.

Fill out a checklist for each figure and table that has been previously published. If Immediate Release is chosen, the entire document will be published shortly after ogapw. Afterwards, students will have an opportunity to ask specific questions about their document. Submitting earlier in the semester, prior to deadline day, is highly encouraged and will result in a faster review time for your document.


The submission deadline is a firm deadline. Document Only Hold — Only thewis, title, metadata, and abstract are published for two years.

It helps publishers, funding agencies, universities, and professional associations distinguish you from others with the same or a similar name. Despite these two forms having similar names, they are very different. How do I sign up for a Pre-Submittal Conference? You will need to determine the identity of the author and conduct a Fair Use Analysis to determine if you need to seek copyright permission.

OGAPS – Thesis and Dissertation FAQs

Please determine who owns the copyright to the material and if someone else holds the copyright, ask for permission to use the work in your ETD. No, there are no exceptions for late submittal.

Advisory committee, department head or intercollegiate faculty chair, and Office of Graduate and Professional Studies. Be sure to submit the form a few weeks before the hold expires.

Requirements to Clear for Graduation Students are able to clear Thesis and Dissertation Services once all requirements have been completed. The version submitted to our office has been approved by the chair and committee. When can I submit proposxl document for early clearance?

tamu ogaps thesis proposal