Do not use except for digital preservation information as noted below. A thesis or dissertation is a resource submitted by a student studying for an academic degree or professional qualification presenting the results of research or creative activity. Locally produced recordings available online are considered published, add the place of publication, publisher, and date of publication. The bacterial ferritin of azotobacter vineland ii: Provider-neutral cataloging is a practical solution to cataloging the growing number of online resources, photocopies, and print-on-demand reproductions for identical resources. Code microform reproduction fixed-field elements, except Form , for the original item described in the body of the entry, not for the reproduction, which you describe in field Code the fixed-field element Form for the type of reproduction described in field Code for the frequency of updates to the resource e.

Use the date of the original in Date 2 in Dates. They are cataloged as microform reproductions with the body of the description based on the original thesis and details of the microform reproduction added as a note in field Contents About this guide 1 Introduction 2 Online cataloging 3 Special cataloging guidelines 4 When to input a new record 5 Quality assurance. Fields retained in master bibliographic records For rare and special collections materials, you may supply data of interest beyond your local institution in the master bibliographic record. Code for the appropriate form of microform reproduction i.

thesis cataloging rda

If there is no record for an online resource, but there is a record for related tangible resource, you may derive a new record from the existing record and edit the new record to conform to this policy and revise the description of the original resource in thrsis new record to conform to current cataloging instructions. Please note cataloglng that in a thesis revised for publication, a note is used rather than awith somewhat different wording.


3 Special Cataloging Guidelines

Optionally, add a corporate name access point and relationship term for the degree-granting institution. Optionally, you may revise the description of the original resource in the new record to conform to current cataloging instructions. Code for the form of content of the resource. For tangible electronic resources, enter the carrier type for the tangible electronic resource e.

Code d for updating databases, code l for updating loose-leaf publications, code w updating websites. If a record for an item as a whole exists, you may create a record for a part and vice versa. Use this technique only when the contents of both the original resource and the photocopy or POD reproduction are identical. Use for notes explaining complex relationships that cannot be adequately cagaloging for display in the 76xx fields.

Volume 24, number 1.

3.4.2 Descriptive Cataloging of Theses and Dissertations

Enter data to link to the original resource if the photocopy or POD reproduction is cattaloging a different format, such as a printout of a PDF file published online. The principles of AACR1, described in LCRIs for AACR2, chapter 11, state that you should base the bibliographic description on the original publication and place data relating to the reproduction in a secondary position.

thesis cataloging rda

Marketing research project—Brigham Young University. You may include information that thdsis specific to your copy of a resource or specific to your institution in four possible ways: It is not necessary to catalog a dependent supplement as a serial just because it has a stated frequency e.

When deriving a record from the record for the original resource without re-describing the original, enter a note to indicate that the description is based on the original version record e. See chapter 4, ” When to Input a New Record ,” for more information.


Different manifestations of an online resource still need to be cataloged on separate bibliographic records e. Use the following guidelines:.

Thesis Cataloguing (RDA)

This policy delineates cataloging practice for describing unpublished academic theses issued by BYU or other institutions. For more information on this program, see the U. If you create a new record, use the following guidelines: Example of a multipart resource cataloged as a set: Enter the cartographic mathematical information appropriate to the original resource if readily available and the online version was preceded by a physical format version.

In many English-speaking countries, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States, theses submitted in hardcopy form exist thexis unpublished resources.

Kits may also be single-medium packages of textual materials e.

Thesis Cataloguing (RDA) | Special Libraries Cataloguing, Inc.

OCLC policy Use the following provider-neutral instructions when cataloging photocopies and POD reproductions of textual materials, scores, and cartographic materials in WorldCat regardless of the cataloging rules used or the language of cataloging. For published theses, microform reproductions of published theses, online theses, and photocopies of published theses, code language material, notated music, and cartographic material with: Enter the physical description appropriate to the original resource.

thesis cataloging rda

The Department is open from 8 a. Example of volume two cataloged on a separate record: Honors Project—Brigham Young University, The first field should describe the version that is described in the physical description.

Example of a single record for the tangible non-electronic resource with a reference to the online resource:.