Recent Market Events and Government Regulation. In this regard, the Adviser in many cases seeks to negotiate arrangements that provide for regular reporting of performance and portfolio data by the Investment Funds. The market value of ETN shares may differ from the value of the reference instrument. The ability of the Company and the Investment Funds to transact business with any one or any number of counterparties, the lack of any independent evaluation of the counterparties or their financial capabilities, and the absence of a regulated market to facilitate settlement may increase the potential for losses by the Company. Special tax risks are associated with an investment in the Company. The Adviser believes that this combination of evaluation expertise and direct investment experience enables it to understand the opportunities and risks associated with investing in the Investment Funds.

Options may also be illiquid and, in such cases, the Company or a Fund may have difficulty closing out its position. The Board of Directors has formed a Nominating and Compensation Committee currently composed of each of the three Independent Directors, the functions of which are: However, no assurance can be made that such transactions will fully protect the Investment Funds against such risks, and it should be noted that hedging transactions involve risks different from those of the underlying securities. The Board does not maintain a specific committee devoted to risk management responsibilities, in part because the small size of the Board does not require streamlining by committees. Prospective investors should not construe the contents of this Prospectus as legal, tax or financial advice. In that case, all of its taxable income would be subject to U.

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A short sale of a security involves the risk of an unlimited increase in the market price of the security that can in turn result in an inability to cover the short position and a theoretically unlimited loss. Max Front End Sales Load 0. To the fullest extent allowed by applicable law, including the Investment Company Act, the LLC Agreement indemnifies the Directors and officers for all costs, liabilities and expenses that they may experience as a result of their service as such.

Negative conditions also can be expected as a result of any reduction in central bank supporting programs. Investments by the Investment Funds in corporate equity and debt securities, whether publicly traded or privately placed, are subject to inherent market risks and fluctuations as a result of company earnings, economic conditions and other factors beyond the control of the Adviser.

Fund Operations Last Dividend 0. This is so notwithstanding that subsequent revisions or adjustments may be initiated by an Investment Fund. Market shifts of this nature may cause unexpectedly rapid losses in the value of positions held by the Investment Funds. The Investment Fund may be required to maintain minimum average balances in connection with its borrowings or to pay a commitment or other fee to maintain a line of credit; either of these requirements would increase the cost of borrowing over the stated interest rate.


The value of real-estate-related investments also may be affected by changes in interest rates, macroeconomic developments and social and economic trends. Instruments used and the particular manner in which they may be used may change over time as new instruments and techniques are developed or regulatory changes occur.

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Examples of the primary investment strategies followed by the Investment Managers that the Adviser intends to consider with respect to the Company are described below:. Many other unforeseeable events, including actions by various government agencies and domestic and international political events, may cause sharp market fluctuations.

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It is not expected that Shares will be fnd on any securities exchange or other market, and Shares will be subject optimx substantial restrictions on transfer.

The Company, the Investment Funds and their service providers may be prone to operational and information security risks resulting from software or cyber failures. Bonds and Other Fixed Income Securities. By way of example:. The Adviser may increase or decrease the degree of leverage employed by the Company at any time, but will have no control over leverage employed by an Investment Fund other than with respect to any predetermined leverage limits that may have been agreed to by the Investment Fund.

Additionally, these strategies are subject to event risk and government policy risk. Adverse effects of new legislation or regulation may include, among other thesia, higher expenses, adverse effects on performance due to public transparency of certain proprietary information such as trading strategies, a potentially smaller universe over time of Investment Funds, or constraints on certain trading strategies of Investment Funds such prosppectus those involving derivatives.

The underlying Investment Funds may invest and trade in a theais range of instruments and markets and may pursue various investment strategies. To the extent that future events may vary significantly from these historical parameters upon which the strategy allocation is based, the allocation to Investment Funds may not provide the expected levels of risk, return and volatility and may result in the Company experiencing significant losses or in the Company failing to achieve its targeted returns during otherwise favorable market cycles.


It may take a number of years for the market price of such securities to reflect their intrinsic value. Risks particularly relevant to emerging markets may include higher dependence on exports and the corresponding importance of international trade, greater risk of inflation, greater controls on foreign investment optimaa limitations on repatriation of invested capital, increased likelihood of governmental involvement in and control over thesie economies, governmental decisions to cease support of economic reform programs or to impose centrally planned economies and less developed corporate pgospectus regarding fiduciary duties of officers and directors and protection of investors.

Directors will be reimbursed by the Company for their travel expenses related to Board meetings. The Company may borrow money in connection with its investment activities, for cash management purposes, to fund the repurchase of Shares or for temporary or emergency purposes.

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In the event the transaction is not consummated, the Adviser will continue to serve as investment adviser to the Company pursuant to the terms of the Investment Advisory Agreement. Because the Company may make additional investments in or withdrawals from Investment Funds only at certain times, the Company from time to time may have to invest some of its assets temporarily in prospectks market securities or money market funds, among other similar types of cund.

thesis optima fund prospectus

The Example is based on the estimated fees and expenses set out above. These conditions may occur again. Investment Prospecus may permit or require that redemptions of interests be made in kind.

Thesis Optima Income B Acc (B8FLKT2.L)

Distressed securities strategies are not limited to a particular prlspectus class; they are active in bonds, stocks, bank debt, trade claims, private placements, warrants, etc. The Adviser also may abstain from voting from time to time. Maximum sales load percentage of offering price. In addition, the market for lower grade debt securities may be thinner and less active than for higher grade debt securities. To the extent that the portfolio of an Investment Fund is concentrated in securities of a single issuer or optimx in a single industry, the risk associated with any investment decision made by the Investment Manager of such Investment Fund is increased.

An Investment Fund also is subject to the risk of prospecyus failure of any exchanges on which its positions trade or of their clearinghouses.