As I mentioned in my earlier post detailing the rough history of Student Loans in the UK there was an earlier sale in when a few of the oldest loans were sold to Thesis Servicing and Honours Student Loans. Student Loans Company Limited. A similar process exists for shared borrowers i. Try opening the logs in a new window. Surely the purpose of section 4 is to make it fairer for people like me. I am not a lawyer so am unable to advise on these contractual issues.

To be caught for payments 1 year before because of a statistical blip is a real bummer! This request relates specifically to CHILD maintenance payments as opposed to spousal or any other kind, but please indicate if there is or was any separate or different policy or guidance relating incusion sic or exclusuion sic of these other kinds. BIS have promised to provide me with further comment on Monday. I waited a few days, but when no form materialised I called Erudio again. All four companies, Student Loans, Thesis, Honours and Erudio have completely failed to give any concrete advice on their website, or via their staff, as to the procedure for dealing with loans to multiple companies. A Lennon 8 October Delivered. Reach over million consumers and 14 million businesses.

Yes, the anomaly will work its way out in the next figure.

thesis servicing erudio

To be caught for payments 1 year before because of a statistical blip is a real bummer! When I finally did get through the following morning the call handler had servicijg awful attitude and acted like I had kicked in their door at 2AM in search of the family silver.


Then I called Erudio but despite calling at several points throughout the day I failed to get through. Otherwise, we recommend that you call us on before you submit your application, to help reduce the chance of your application being considered as incomplete.

Prima facie that looks unreasonable and ought to be open to challenge under consumer credit legislation. BIS continues to calculate the repayment threshold each year. This site uses cookies. There was no mention on the letter of the loan that had been sold to Thesis, and it was now less than thesos month until the end of my deferment period. Nothing like the old call centre run around is there?

Mortgage-style student loans – the repayment threshold goes down !??!? | Critical Education

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Only insofar as I wrote the expanded version for MSE — see link at the bottom of the piece. On the other hand, I refuse to be conned or bullied. The culprit is clear: Yours sincerely, A Lennon. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: According to the pre student loan agreements, a Your income for the month before the month you apply for deferment has to be below the threshold, and b Your income for the 3 months following that month will not or is likely not to be above the threshold.

Mortgage-style student loans – the repayment threshold goes down !??!?

This site uses cookies. I have had three months with no income in the last year and two months slightly above threshold. Please provide details of: Tell the fuckers where to stick it. I suggest using the forum at MoneySavingExpert to find further advice.


The form was done with as much information as I and my carer could do, but as she had also spoken to them the chances are they will take the money regardless just because they are treating people like criminals for deferring. As we speak, in the demand for graduates is pretty much the same as it was in if you dig around in the stats, yet we have triple the number now.

thesis servicing erudio

Notify me of new posts via email. Email required Address never made public. Basically I should have known better than to trust a government loan!

Student loan deferment

You should also get advice servicong withdrawing from your arrangement with the company that owns your old loan. Login or register to our Customer Portal today, this will allow you to do the following online:. For full details visit mysociety. A full response will be issued in due course.

thesis servicing erudio

My earliest loan frommy first year at University, was sold to Thesis. Write about this on Medium.

Make a repayment Apply for deferment View your balance View your transactions Update your contact details. Hence I held back lots of this information yet I still gave out more than I did in the past.