Log In Sign Up. Furthermore, our case underlines the need for a more nuanced understanding of intercultural media practices, including the proximity theory. The researcher will be employed by Ghent University and will be based at the Department of Sociology. PhD How Arabidopsis thaliana dehydroascorbate reductase 2 and mitogen activated kinase 4 cope with cysteine sulfur oxidation Nandita Bodra Public defense: It does so by showing only true love and respect after a harsh divorce. Indeed, a quick look at some social statistics shows a rise of approximately Sections of this page.

Same same same, but different: Several dis similarities in the representation of sexuality, female characters, and ethnicity, as well as some formal changes, are observed. Xanthippe Boulougouris Public defense: PhD Benthic ecosystem response to polymetallic nodule extraction in the deep sea Tanja Stratmann Public defense: Vanaf academiejaar worden de specifieke lerarenopleidingen

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Who tells the story? As a continent, Europe is known for its fragmentation and diversity due to the multitude of different languages and cultures existing next to and through each other within a relatively small geographical area.

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Finally, we argue that, through the remake process, some ableist and patronizing representations of, respectively, disability and gender identities were subverted, while others were kept or even reinforced. We focus on different cancer screening programs, namely, mammography, pap smear, and fecal occult blood FOB tests.

thesis ugent communicatiewetenschappen

A thesis submitted in fulfillment of the requirements thess the degree of Doctor of Science: Dissertation to obtain the degree of Doctor in the Political and Social Sciences: Allgemeine Analysen sowie eine Befragung bei Filmfestivals weltweit.


Remaking identities and stereotypes: While the earliest studies of the remake provided general overviews trying to sketch patterns and localize differing practices, this Skip to main content.

PhD Contribution to the molecular mechanisms of phenotypic variation in circulatory neutrophils of dairy cows Xanthippe Boulougouris Public defense: Finger, Viola Mariol We instead aim for a more nuanced reading of the remake practice. San Diego State University. Pieter Gurdebeke A dissertation submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Sciences: Search Constraints Sort new to old automatic new to old old to new by title.

The film remake, whether as a practice or a concept, has been around since the very beginnings of cinema. Eline Huiberts Public defense: Hamburg, Summer Impressum.

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A dissertation submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Sciences: As a first step, we claim that the non-commercial aura of the European remake should be revisited because the Dutch-Flemish monolingual remakes clearly disclose a similar incentive to the one that often inspires Hollywood remakes: Besuchertypen bei Filmfest Thess. However, when looking at the wider Western context, divorce rates are similar in the US and other European countries, be it more gradual.


Sarah Van den Bogaert Public defense: Uit de resultaten bleek deze manipulatie echter geen uitwerking communicatiewteenschappen hebben waaruit we kunnen concluderen dat het simpelweg informeren van ouders niet zorgt voor een hogere gerapporteerde parental mediation door de ouders. Dutch-Flemish monolingual remakes and their theoretical and conceptual implications.

Our argument is based upon an examination of Dutch-Flemish remakes, which from an international viewpoint entail a unique practice that concerns temporally immediate and geographically adjoining remakes that make use of the same Dutch language. PhD The active role of stakeholders in corporate communication: Thesis submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor PhD in Sciences: PhD Athens by night: Dissertation submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor in Science.

As the involved filmmakers built on particular stereotypical visions and myths about these specific cultures and national identities, often with the purpose of recreating a socio-cultural context, such narrowed perceptions were occasionally subverted but also reconsolidated.

A Mapping of Festival Functions Anno A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Science: Hannelore Crijns Public defense:

thesis ugent communicatiewetenschappen