Verruiming van de vaargeul voor diepstekende schepen naar Zeebrugge. Evolution of San Lorenzo proglacial floods Patagonia during the late Holocene: Biodiversiteit van meio-epifauna geassocieerd met koudwaterkoralen van de Porcupine Seabight: Historisch-ecologische studie van de vegetatie van turnhoutse vennen. Connect with us ‘.

A study on the impact of fish farming on the community structure of meiofauna at the Igang marine station, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras Island, Philippines. Opmaak risicokaart Vlaanderen situatie Only then can you contact your potential jury members to ask them if they are available and willing. Multi-frequency seismic study of the gas hydrate accumulations in Lake Baikal, Siberia. Figuren, tabellen en bijlagen. Published Universiteitsbibliotheek Gent Disclaimer. Belgisch-Indiase contacten in historisch perspectief.

Matthias van Rossum, Werkers van de wereld. The role of adaptive and non-adaptive processes in marine algal speciation. Hannecart Forest and The Zwin.

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Respiratie, productie en temporele patronen van meiobenthische Crustacea van een brakwaterhabitat. Comparative study of the meiobenthos in the Arctic region.

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Diversity, abundance and community structure of benthic ichthyofauna and crustaceans in the North Sea Belgian continental shelf. De ruimtelijke relatie tussen oppervlakte- en grondwater, de drinkwaterproductie en de afvalwaterzuivering. Role of folivory in mangrove ecosystem functioning – identifying the key functional group.


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Measuring suspended-sediment transport in the intertidal zone of a macrotidal beach Mariakerke, Belgiumin: New Rotifera from Kenya, with a revision of the Ituridae. Sedimentary processes in Lake Puyehue over the thesiw years: The goal of this thesis is to explore the effect of weight choice in data-driven hypothesis weighting on the results of differential expression testing for RNA- seq studies.

Linking microbial communities and macrofauna functional diversity with benthic ecosystem functioning in shallow coastal sediments, with an emphasis on nitrifiers and denitrifiers. Submerged landscapes and sea level change.

thesis ugent databank

Impact of consumers’ health beliefs, health involvement and risk perception on fish consumption: Secondly, clarify the requirements and get basic knowledge about the subject of your paper. EE20, more Collado-Vides, L. Derivation of an aquatic predicted no-effect concentration for the synthetic hormone, 17a-ethinyl estradiol.

Vergelijkende studie van diverse geografische rassen van het pekelkreeftje, Artemiater verbetering van zijn gebruik in de aquakultuur. PubMed PubMed by the U. D20 Report on laboratory measurements Ostia. Tectonic and sediment supply control of deep rift lake turbidite systems: Manoeuvreergedrag van containerschepen in slibrijke vaarwateren.

Spatial and temporal variability of thhesis processes associated to the Guilvinec Canyon, Bay of Biscay.


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Brilliant Marine Research Idea The feeding apparatus of first feeding European eel Anguilla anguilla larvae: Jenney Stephen Many thanks for your service and I am so utent to collaborate with you. Wave overtopping assessment in very shallow water conditions: The giveaway has shied the Abstracts reaction to stock individualized stands by. Gebiedsvisie voor dagabank fossiele duinen van Adinkerke, inclusief beheerplan voor het Vlaams Natuurreservaat De Duinen en Bossen van De Panne, deelgebied Carbour en deelgebied Garzebekeveld.

Lanice conchilega builds refuges for Crangon crangon: Potential risk of kgent micropollutants on marine phytoplankton in the greater North Sea: MIcompany is an agency specialized in phd thesis data bank Big Data what will make me do my homework Analytics.

Evapotranspiratie van de struikvegetatie in de vochtige duinvalleien van het natuurreservaat De Westhoek.

thesis ugent databank

Hydraulische modelstudie van kustverdedigingssystemen.