In this presentation, I compare and evaluate freeze-out law in the United States, the Netherlands and Belgium. The workshop brought together different stakeholders at the regional, national and European levels. His work focuses on the law of international organizations, including interactions between the normative framework of international organizations and human rights law, the law of immunities, critical legal theory and constructivist approaches to norm emergence within international organizations. The complex interplay between international humanitarian law and counter-terrorism legislation: Read more Recognition of diplomas: Plompaertstraat – kot 25 Plompaertstraat 19 – Diepenbeek. Er zijn evenwel neveneffecten waar te nemen bij de organisatie van een referendum.

As a result, although civil society organisations contest these situations, their voice is seen as very weak compared to Commissioners, considered to be in a strong and unreachable position. He succeeds Professor Louis Berkvens, who will retire in July ITEM commits to reduce this administrative hassle. Leonie completed an LL. The discussion was led by Sander Kleikers of L1. Bevrijdende en begrenzende soevereiniteit Tuesday, December 11, New book:

Abstract The liberal answer to the social issue in the 19th century The problem of the condition of the working class was not ignored in the 19th century.

To do so, he has also stayed at University College London as a visiting scholar. Doorwerking van bijzondere rechtsregels van benoemde overeenkomsten naar onbenoemde overeenkomsten.

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My Parisian master thesis was recently published by Unasselt and was precisely on the topic I would like to speak about. Did you all have a good time? Congratulations to the young doctor Elvira Loibl who received the distinction cumlaude for her thesis on the transnational illegal adoptionmarket!

His name is Yamen from Palestine Gaza Strip. The requirements set out in this directive include rules of conduct, in other words, rules that set out how firms are to behave towards their clients.


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Moreover, existing scholarship mostly limits itself to the analysis of two constitutional principles. The anniversary event will feature interesting panels composed of high-level academics discussing the subjects of EU law, comparative law and legal publishing in a beautiful setting. Read more Update Dutch child care workers in North Rhine-Westphalia Monday, November 12, In order to cope with labour market shortages and abundances in the area of child care work it has been proposed that Dutch child care workers be employed across the border in Germany.

Theory and Emerging Practice While the relationship between human rights and international criminal justice has been widely studied, academic attention has mostly focused so far on the position of international criminal tribunals ICTs as bearers of human rights obligations.

She studied also a year in Ghent and a semester in Glasgow.

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There is a need for more proportionality in patent litigation, particularly when it comes to the assessment of appropriate patent remedies i. After his studies, he started as uhadselt PhD researcher at the Jan Ronse Institute for Company and Financial Law, where he is currently preparing a doctoral thesis on the topic of legal capital and shareholder protection.

Uhasseot – kot 5 Mettenveld 27 – Genk. The Law uhadselt 5 February excluded illegal foreign detainees from sentences adjustments such as conditional release, electronic surveillance, limited detention, prison furlough or break in sentence.

The judgement of October 6, of the Constitutional Court will be used as a point of departure in this presentation. Abstract The strong and the weak in corporate law: Read more Welcome new students! A delegation of the Foundation for Refugee Students UAFnl will be there as well to notify us about their support for refugees in their studies and in finding suitable employment.

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Indeed, behind that unique concept co-exist several understandings, which are completely different in terms of the actors, the purposes and the processes involved. This is the case in most countries.


Thirdly, the research will try to unravel which boundaries are to be thess with in regard of international, European and national legal frameworks.

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However, recognition procedures have proven to stand in the way of the swift labour market access of Dutch child care workers. Abstract The complex interplay between international humanitarian law and counter-terrorism legislation: He holds a LL.

During these procedures, competent authorities check whether a person’s diplomas and professional experience meet certain standards. Abstract The Strong and the Weak in Reorganization Procedures In a reorganization procedure, rescuing the company is key. Although there was an impetus to establish an enhanced relationship between tax authorities and taxpayer in Belgium, apparent measures are still lacking. Governance regimes, which guarantee a sustainable and democratic management of the rrchten.

Judicial and extra-judicial challenges in the EU multi- and cross-level administrative framework This workshop is jointly funded by Maastricht University and the University of Liverpool Research and Development Fund.

The overarching aim is to assess the current state of the relationship between taxpayer and tax authorities in Belgium and to examine which adjustments can be made, based on the experiences in other countries.

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A pioneer in small-scale teaching and teaching of skills. Moet het recht voorzien in waarborgmechanismen voor het democratisch karakter van het referendum te behouden? Second, I will draw a theoretical framework of the participation concept, based on case studies and social science literature.

Thessis Taxes and the protection of the environment.