The statement is usually like a conclusion. There are many practice tests to be found online. NO, the conclusion does not follow; even though you may know that some holidays are very pleasant. The Watson Glaser test is an aptitude test used by many law firms. Hence, the questionnaire includes 40 questions in five different sections. Someone appearing for a Watson Glaser test conducted by an organization usually has a background from the domain associated with the job position or role they are interested in.

Your ability to Recognize Assumptions Your ability to Evaluate Arguments Your ability to Draw conclusions Recognize Assumptions Candidates with skilled behavior in the area will identify what is being taken for granted, and explore diverse viewpoints on the subject. Scoring is based upon a broad variety of norm groups: Prior knowledge of different logical fallacies that the questions may contain and adequate practice can help you identify if any false logic exists in between the statements of the passage. This page outlines the different aspects of the test and how to tackle them. Buy now and get instant online access for 30 days! Regular practice helps you become acquainted with the format of the exam and the questions you might expect.

Our aim is to help you ace your assessment by providing you practice aptitude tests that mimic the tests used by employers and recruiters. All rainy days are boring. It allows them to quickly evaluate decision-making and judgement-forming skills. When evaluating controversial arguments, emotions can play a negative role, as they can cloud your evaluation capabilities.

Tips to Pass a Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test

Subscribe Enter your email address to subscribe to iPrep’s updates. They are usually timed, and the candidates are required watson-glaesr answer the given questions in the enforced time limits. Prepare on the go. Candidates need to come to a logical conclusion based on the evidence provided. Hence, the questionnaire includes 40 questions in five different sections.


Two hundred students in their early teens voluntarily attended a recent weekend student conference in a city in England. To examine arguments, you will have to assess whether the provided statement is strong or weak. Provides standard and score-based structured interview questions suitable for both selection and development.

watson-glaser critical thinking appraisal (wgcta) - form a answers

Put your training contract questions to The Lawyer Portal Community. Remember, you need to practice to make sure you familiarize yourself with the test formats, work on your accuracy and experience performing under time-pressure. Watson-Glaser Critical thinking test has been designed to evaluate the ability of a person to absorb information, understand its significance and assess situations based on information provided at the time.

Establish Logic between Statements Answering the question in a Watson Glaser test usually requires factoring in the logical relationships between the statements in the given passage.

In the timed version, you will only have 30 minutes to complete the test. You will be asked to make deductions using the information from the passage. What is a Watson Glaser Critical Thinking test and does it work? Moreover, the statement may be divided into multiple meaningful word segments, and then the change in the flow of the statement with the words can be figured out.

The technique here is, again, pretty much the same as the above. While the test appraiasl online, you can also take this using paper-and-pencil format.

Be Aware of Double Negative and Tricky Words The statements in the question or the passage may use double negative or other tricky word combinations that might be difficult to decipher and confusing to interpret. You may also recognize your areas of strengths and weakness, and improve upon the same.


In order to save time by taking a plane, one would need to be available, but the answefs of this criticl is not addressed in the initial statement.

You must, on this basis, assess whether the conclusions follow beyond a reasonable doubt.

Watson Glaser Test

It is also possible that some of the students volunteered to attend mainly because they wanted a weekend outing. Try finding logic in the statements — Answering each question in the Watson Glaser test requires finding a logical connection between the statements.

Some holidays are rainy.

watson-glaser critical thinking appraisal (wgcta) - form a answers

We are also told that the problems discussed were selected by the students themselves. YES, the conclusion follows beyond a reasonable doubt since, according to the statement, the size of the spoken vocabulary at eight months was 0 words.

Tips to Pass a Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test |

Vocabulary growth is slowest during the period when children are learning to walk. In order to do this, you will need to look for clue words in (qgcta) text, use logical inference and weigh the balance of probabilities. In such a case, the candidate may be tempted to answer a given question utilizing their own knowledge and experience. As an unnecessary adjective, this word stands out.

Therefore, practice as many questions as you can beforehand. You can practice more Watson Glaser questions with Pearson Vue.