Considerations for Students with Disabilities, Students not yet. Any student excluded shall be placed under the control of the principal of the school or a designee. The shaping of student behaviors is not confined to any one school personnel group or program; therefore, it is the collective responsibility of all school staff and all community partners to assume an appropriate role in shaping behavior and creating safe and supportive schools. All students, regardless of race, religion, national origin, language, gender, disability, marital status, parenthood, or pregnancy have the right to an equal education opportunity. Engage respectfully with persons of different individual, social and cultural norms evaluate behavior choices before taking action set personal and academic goals.

Policy Dissemination and Training: Students have the right to grow up without being physically or sexually abused at school, in the home or the community. Addressing Inappropriate Behavior with Meaningful Interventions. Identify social norms and safety considerations that guide behavior. The county board of education shall annually review data related to this policy that shall include: Social and emotional learning is fundamental not only to social and emotional development but to health, ethical development, citizenship, motivation to achieve and academic achievement. A student will not threaten verbal or written or attempt to injure another student, teacher, administrator or other school personnel.

Language has been changed to allow school determination of the format for teacher level data collection WVEIS or paper similar to existing procedures with WVEIS entry at the administrative level. Schools have contingency plans to accommodate students and families who do not have the financial means to make these purchases.

These partnerships usually involve collaborative groups that form around common mission and goals i.

wvde homework policy

The excluded student may be admitted to the classroom or school bus only when the principal, or a designee, provides written certification to the teacher that the student may be readmitted and specifies the specific type of disciplinary action, pokicy any, that was taken. Describe personal skills and interests that one wants to develop.

Maintain focus during learning activities Speak in a tone of voice appropriate for situation Maintain correct posture Enter class without disruption Follow class routines Follow school rules Follow internet safety rules Respect property of the school and others including technology tools.

This vision has placed a great responsibility on schools to sustain a democratic culture. Those students participating in a GED program whose grade point average homweork the last semester before entering into the program was below 2.


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Evaluate personal abilities to gather information, generate alternatives and anticipate the consequences of decisions. The WVBE believes that school lolicy have a fundamental responsibility for creating the opportunity for students to master the standards. Identify and apply the steps of systematic decision making. The Right to a Thorough and Efficient Education. Level 1 Inappropriate Behaviors Responsibilities of the Regional Education Service Agencies A student may not be suspended from school solely for not attending class.

However, under certain conditions, authorized persons or agencies may receive information without consent.

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At any hearing before a county board, the student may be represented by counsel, may call his or her own witnesses to verify his or her version of the incident and may confront and cross-examine witnesses supporting the charge against him or her.

If the student does not admit the charges, he or she shall be given an explanation of the evidence and an opportunity to present his or her version of the homeworm.

wvde homework policy

Upon the reduction of the period of expulsion, the county superintendent shall prepare a written statement setting forth the circumstances of the student’s case which warrant the reduction of the period of expulsion. Expulsion Law enforcement notification if warranted.

In addition the school may include on the team one member of the county board, a school counselor, a member from local law-enforcement authorities, the local county emergency services director and one student in grade ten or higher if the school has those grades; Procedures for informing and training school personnel on any actions required of them to effectuate the school’s school specific crisis response plan; A model template for redacted copies of the school crisis response plan for the public inspection and for the release and notice to parents of information related to the plan; and Procedures for non public schools to establish, file and update school crisis response plans consistent with all requirements of public schools; The county board shall keep the current crisis response plan of each school in the county on file and, unless otherwise provided for, provide policcy copy of each school’s crisis response plan to each local emergency response agency that has a role in wvce plan.

Responsive Interaction with which students demonstrate the ability to: Each school shall file hhomework an updated crisis response plan or a memorandum stating that no update to the crisis response plan was necessary with its county board and the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management no later than August 1 of each year after These unacceptable behaviors are prohibited on all school property and school sponsored events. School sponsored student publications that are a part of the curriculum are subject to teacher editorial, control and therefore student speech may be regulated in a manner reasonably related to educational purposes.


wvde homework policy

County boards must report the number of students determined to be dangerous students to the State Board of Education. Non-curriculum Related Student Groups The teacher shall stand in the place of the parent sguardian s or custodian s in exercising authority over the school and has control of all students enrolled in homewrk school from the time they reach the school until they have returned to their respective homes, except that where transportation of students is provided, the driver in charge of the school bus or other mode of transportation shall exercise such authority and control over the students while they are in transit to and from the school.

References to development of a formal curriculum page 7 have been removed and language to emphasize the shared polixy of schools, parents and community organizations to teach SEL standards has been emphasized. At the county board of education level, informal partnerships may be short or long-term commitments that may or may not require written agreements.

If a student has been suspended for these reasons, the principal shallwithin twenty-four hours, request that the county superintendent recommend to the county board that the student be expelled.

Address rumors appropriately Respond to peer pressure appropriately and use refusal skills when necessary De-escalate violent situations physical and polocy. This new comprehensive policy will provide school employees, students and parents with one policy that includes all aspects of what is expected regarding student behavior and what is expected from school systems in order to create safe and supportive schools.

Explain how individual, social and cultural differences may increase vulnerability to bullying, identify ways to address it and analyze the effects of taking action to oppose bullying based on individual and group differences. When considering exclusion from the bus or suspension or expulsion from school or the bus for students with disabilities, students not yet determined eligible for special education i.