Subject to WVBE Policy — Communicable Disease Control , the school administrator or school nurse shall exclude from the school any student known to have or suspected of having any infectious disease, or any student who has been exposed to any infectious disease. The crisis response plans must be developed under the following requirements: The following summary of comments indicates the manner in which each comment was addressed or not addressed through a policy revision: County boards must report the number of students determined to be dangerous students to the State Board of Education. To the maximum extent possible, the implementation plan shall be developed collaboratively with input from all stakeholders including, but not limited to parents, business leaders, community organizations and state and local agencies. If the county board finds that the student did commit the alleged violation, the county board shall act as prescribed for each respective Safe Schools violation delineated in Chapter 4, Section 2, Level 4. Evaluate strategies for resisting pressures to engage in unsafe or unethical activities.

The excluded student may be admitted to the classroom or school bus only when the principal, or a designee, provides written certification to the teacher that the student may be readmitted and specifies the specific type of disciplinary action, if any, that was taken. Planning for Policy Implementation — this chapter outlines strategic policy implementation steps as well as state law and policy requirements related to school safety. Identify goals for academic success and classroom behavior. These unacceptable behaviors are prohibited on all school property and school sponsored events. When high schools allow one or more student groups whose purpose is not directly related to any class taught at the school to meet at the school, this is referred to as a limited open forum. This policy requires that all schools respond immediately and consistently to any behavior that disrupts the learning environment in a manner that effectively deters future incidents and affirms respect for individuals.

The entire policy has undergone a legal review and has been revised as needed to assure consistency with W.

These unacceptable behaviors are prohibited on all school property and school sponsored events. In order to achieve social and emotional learning standards, schools should address student development holistically and relate it to real-world functioning.

The county superintendent shall submit the statement to the county board, the principal, the faculty senate and the local school improvement council. The School and Community Social Skills Standards outlined in Chapter 1 are student focused and articulate the dispositions that students in West Virginia public schools are expected to develop throughout their school career.


The county board shall provide in-service training for teachers and principals relating to assertive discipline procedures and conflict resolution.

The county superintendent may lessen the mandatory period of twelve consecutive months for the expulsion of the student if the circumstances of the student’s case warrant.

Program flexibility does not extend to modifying the provisions of Policy – Regulations for the Education of Exceptional Students in providing alternative education programs for students with exceptionalities or Section of the Rehabilitation Act of Staff misconduct would still need to fit within one of the stated statutory grounds, such as insubordination, cruelty, willful neglect of duty, immorality with a rational nexus or untruthfulness.

Describe approaches for making and keeping friends.

Considerations for Transferring Students with Expulsions When high schools allow one or more student groups whose purpose is not directly related to any class taught at the school to meet at the school, this is referred to as a limited open forum. A county board that did not intend prior to a hearing to assert a dangerous student claim, that did not notify the student prior to the hearing that a dangerous student determination would be considered and that determines through the course of the hearing that the student may be a dangerous student shall schedule a second hearing within ten days to decide the issue.

The West Virginia Board of Education recognizes the need for students, teachers, administrators, and other school personnel to have a safe and supportive educational environment. Tell the truth Assume classroom leadership roles Work collaboratively in structured and unstructured activities.

If we are to realize our vision, then we must be purposeful in the way we structure our curriculum to teach the valued disposition that we want students to develop and the way we shape our environment to reinforce those behaviors.

4000 Policies – Human Resources

The guidelines in this manual apply solely to alternative wde programs for disruptive students. Upon completion of the investigation: Assault of a school employee W.

Gathering of two or more persons for purposes of engaging in activities or discussions promoting gangs. A principal shall suspend a student from school or from transportation to or from the school on any school bus if the student, in the determination of the principal after an informal hearing, has committed on a school bus, on the premises ploicy an educational facility or at a school-sponsored function: Once the objectives from one polocy are mastered, students are expected to maintain them at higher grade levels as they continually homewokr that they have integrated the valued dispositions into their personal values and actions.


Advocate for self and others Give affirmations to support others Express dissatisfaction in appropriate ways Exercise civic responsibility through participation in student government activities.

Policy Expected Behaviors in Safe and Supportive Schools

Demonstrate knowledge of how social norms affect decision making and behavior. Language from this section has been changed to reflect more recent changes in W.

wvde homework policy

This is the promise we make to our students, parents and educators and the obligation we have to the taxpayers hmework West Virginia. Leaving School Without Permission.

wvde homework policy

Individuals supervising students off school grounds are prohibited from distributing or using tobacco or nicotine containing products in the presence of students. The student and his or her parent sguardian s or custodian sas the case may be, shall be given telephonic notice, if possible, of this informal hearing, which notice shall briefly state the grounds for the out-of-school suspension. For the purposes of this manual, an alternative education program is a temporary authorized departure from the regular school program designed to provide educational and social development for students whose disruptive behavior places them at risk of not succeeding in the traditional school structures and in adult life without positive interventions.

The length of a suspension should be short, usually one 1 to three 3 school days, but may extend to ten 10 school days. Parent, family and community involvement at early childhood, middle and adolescent levels is absolutely fundamental to an effective system of public education. Improper or Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle.

Nurturing Success

The WVDE shall review compliance with alternative education requirements and the effectiveness of alternative education programs through monitoring and review of the electronic County Strategic Plan. County board policies must address and adhere to all applicable federal and state laws sited within this policy.

Identify approaches to resolving conflicts constructively. Freedom of speech includes forms of expression other than vocal, provided this activity does not materially and substantially disrupt the work and discipline of the school or impinge upon the rights of other students.