On the other hand it is advantageous to differentiate the various types of background music by places instead of differentiating the latter by musical parameters. One of their advertising slogans is as follows:. As background music, publicity works implicit Scheier, p- To explain this phenomenon the working mechanisms of the brain are illuminated by including the latest findings about brain and music in the last months. The subject will be determined in consultation with the thesis supervisor.

The physical impacts are often muscular tension and relaxation. For background music though, optimal conditions have not been found yet Vanecek How can this article help researchers, musicians and non-musicians of not being manipulated? One of their advertising slogans is as follows:. Typical music that increases the activation are frequently military marches, dance music, drinking songs, etc.

On the other side there are musical characteristics that are more calming than activating. Bachelof successful completion of this BSc thesis students are expected to be able to: GC van Nieuwenhoven Examiner s prof.

When Bavarian military music was played, the decisions which wine to buy changed from French to German Lucas, in Raab, p. Classical music on public places 5. North American Indians use music in their rituals tbesis cure ill people. The tempo is mostly consistent with bpm.

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thesie The musical works gachelor have been arranged for that purpose are often popular or at least familiar to the public. The melody is pentatonic and has no leading notes and therefore no tension that is formed within the melodies and harmonies. It is for example empirically proven that there is an optimal room temperature and humidity in which the human being can achieve his or her best performance.


The article deals with the different kinds of manipulation of background music on the human being. He further proved that the same piece of music has different affects on different people.

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On the other hand it is advantageous to differentiate the various types of background music by places instead of differentiating the latter by musical parameters. The character of that relaxing music though often resembles that of far eastern music.

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The goal of publicity is to influence the customer to buy a certain ware with communication that acts through the unconsciousness of the customer. When the rhythm is accentuated and has a dominant function in the music, the listener will feel an impulse to agitate or to move.

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Brainwork and music 8. How background music has an effect on relaxation 5. A person tends to have a positive and open attitude when he or she hears or experiences something he or she is fond of Raab, p. Before a thesks is born, the first sound it hears is the heartbeat of its mother and then her voice. A definition of background music 2.

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The room temperature is enjoyable and we perceive among other things music in the background. Illustrations, figures, tables How emotions influence acting through music 3. Manipulation through background music Bachelor Thesis, 32 Pages, Grade: Opleiding Fase Specialisatie Periode Verplicht voor: He says that the researcher Hanswer showed in an experiment with pregnant women that background music helps to release their pain.


From influence to control by using background music-musical studies on the influences of music on test subjects Since it is possible to achieve physical changes through music such as increased heart beat and pulse, transpiration, goose pimples, etc. Background music is usually designed to ameliorate the atmosphere of a specific location.

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It makes housecleaning fun and getting up in the morning something to look forward to. They defend their marketing idea as being a fact that has been proven to work at any time at any place in the world for a specific event. Background music thesiw the car 6. On the other side I will look at the physical effects music has on the human mind.

Publish now – it’s free. How is it then possible to guide or even control the behaviour of a person through music?