Some tensions develop between the host and the tourists. It is not unusual for people to hold 2 or 3 part time low paid jobs as a means of achieving a sustainable income. Blackpool – Case Study. In the censes its population was registered at ,, a decrease of around people on year Tourism is a big industry in the United Kingdom.

A Wave sculpture has been added and WiFi connectivity included too. As of , Decline – if the resort is not rejuvenated stage 6 then it will go into decline. It is not unusual for people to hold 2 or 3 part time low paid jobs as a means of achieving a sustainable income. In the 19th Century people went to Blackpool to visit its 7 mile beach.

Decline – if the resort is not rejuvenated stage 6 then it will go into decline.

Blackpool Case Study – Mindmap in GCSE Geography

lbackpool Many of the visitors to Blackpool have limited disposable income and the jobs generated are typified by low pay and short term contracts. South Shore’s Fairground opened init was advertised as the Pleasure Beach in the s.

The vast majority of activity within the service sector is tourism related, Some popular attractions are: Foreign travel to the Mediterranean grew in popularity in the s and 70s with its more reliable hot sunny and dry weather, and sandy beaches.


Blackpool – Case Study. There are nearly 91, bed spaces with the majority in small guesthouses. Houndshill Shopping Centre – this has been redeveloped to improve shopping in the town centre. Blackpools summer weather is extremely unreliable which proved a major disadvantage.

Blackpool Case Study

Central Pier blackpol in It became cheaper to travel, so many working class visitors began coming to Blackpool every weekend. Blackpool has run down areas and is mainly popular with stag and hen parties. Reasons for the decline: Stagnation However, qqa people’s disposable income became larger, they preferred to go to other places with a package holiday. To what extent do you agree with the message of the video above?

The growth in tourist numbers may not be a fast as before.

Overcrowding in Blackpool, and a shift in the market to late night drinking, stag parties and hen parties. Stagnation – the facilities for the tourists aqaa decline as they become old and run down.

blackpool case study gcse aqa

Geography – Case Study of Blackpool. Cae Lake District – Case Study. The Pleasure Beach, a theme park The Blackpool Illuminations, a light show that has been running in the autumn months sincewhich prolongs the tourist season. They have been replaced with ‘Spanish steps’ leading down to the sea that will protect the coastline and increase public access to the seafront.


Blackpool – Case Study – Geography revision – AQA GCSE

In the railway was built, cutting travel costs and time. General Blackpool is the 4th largest settlement in the North West of England. Kindertransport – Case Study. Visitor numbers grew from about 3 million to 8 million. Blackpool fits the Butler Tourist Life cycle model well. The growth of budget airlines and cheaper accommodation from the s onwards. Consolidation – the area continues to attract tourists. A wave scupture has been added and Wifi connectivity included. The population grew from in to in In the s workers were given annual holidays.

After WW2, from onwards Blackpool began to stagnate, then decline because of package holidays, cheaper air transport and better climates e.

Geography – Case Study of Blackpool

The numbers of tourists may decline too. Brilliance – a town lighting scheme that aims to encourage visitors to explore the town centre further at night and day. Blackpool is an iconic tourist resort whose coastal location is the main reason for its initial development as a tourist resort.

blackpool case study gcse aqa