It is not an exaggeration for me to say that the person Orihime hurt most of all in this scene was herself. Her faith in him was that intense, that she thought Ichigo would always be alright, because it was Ichigo. Once-good feelings turned into fodder for brutal failure. To be frankly,her decision of coming to HM is actually the thing that just brought her friends to danger. He teases her, she teases him right back. While I maintain that the face would have had romantic connotations no matter whom he was looking at seriously, if he made that face at Chad I would start questioning Ichigo’s heterosexuality , I think it’s important to consider that he has never made such a face for anyone except Rukia. Wow, words out of my mouth.

Her reaching back to him? WHY is so much singular, specific focus being put on Orihime? He is the counterpoint to this situation, the one who stays human throughout this whole fight, the one who tries to fight for his friend, and the one injured by that very same friend. Guess I was right. That’s because the question isn’t really “why did you help him?

Forget Tsubaki, I am talking about her healing fairies. It seems to me that she is blurring him with Kaien Shiba, who Ichigo resembles in appearance and personality.

He turns tender and soft and smiles, it gives him pride, he likes it. Enemies just love to tease the hero about how protective he is over a certain special someone.

King of Ichihime — My Ultimate anti IR essay

Let that sink in: And of all the Hollows out there, who does IchiThing most closely resemble? And if it weren’t for khyatathis wouldn’t have happened at all. Because he knew they would be reciprocated in the end.


Oh, you’re too sweet. And as much as he is overprotective, there is a part of him that is here to fight, exclusive of the need to protect. By relying on Ichigo yet again, nleach betrays the promise she made herself that when the time next came, she ichihmie not rely on Kurosaki-kun again.

bleach ichihime essay

Maybe I should just get over my pride and switch fandoms cos it’s obvious now which ichihjme Kubo prefers. More than that, Ishida was here the. If Ichigo was in control, he would not do this.

Like powers with all characters in a shounen series, the limitations on her powers exist only for her to break them. It kept me excited.

Why IchiHime was obvious as hell for endgame (regardless of the fandom’s denial about it)

Kubo was essentially voicing his own support for IH, through his characters. Making a mistake is human enough, but killing is evil.

Ichigo is blaming himself for her injuries and feeling angry at his inability to protect his friends. Ichigo himself left Vizard training early; he refuses to accept that his Hollow is a part of himself and is constantly warring with it, leaving him open to a coup; Ichigo has gotten the attitude that he can protect everyone and no one can protect him. To get hurt anymore! Everyone has a right to like what they want.

Ichigo trusted Orihime—let her know he was counting on her to protect him the very thing she vowed to doand acknowledged her strength and growth, and Orihime achieved what she set out to do way back in chapter 58 – the first time she expressed a desire to protect Ichigo.


The Lust Arc = IchiHime FAIL: An Essay. – Bleachness

There is no pronoun. I again expected some kind of indication that they liked each other more than friends, but still none. Just to play devil’s advocate that is. Warnings for Anti-Ichiruki, Anti-Ulquihime, and the like.

bleach ichihime essay

So they are making excuses for Ichigo not focusing much on saving Bleacn. Thanks for letting me know, I fixed it: The answer to this question is the same answer to, “Why haven’t Ichigo and Orihime gotten a color spread? This is chapter two. This is some shoujo shit.

bleach ichihime essay

Kubo’s had this in the works for a long time. To sum up, while Ichigo and Rukia have not admitted to having any feelings for one another, there have been hints that they might be developing them. To be honest, I hadn’t thought of that line as so important until now.

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So bleach will be just as effected if ichiruki happens.