Alex Wheatle AW Format: I mean for example, he introduced me to the Dennis Bovell dub band. If so, why is this important? After the publication of Voices however, Johnson began to develop his poetic style. Because of the sound. Leon only experiences the riots first hand because he chooses that night to run away. Can you tell me a little bit more about that?

I had listened to Linton before, and had read, you know, Race Today collective magazines, so I knew about the 81 Riots. What kind of effect do you think that Linton had on your own work? Within New Ethnicities, Stuart Hall provides a theoretical framework for this discussion. Sound is the way I edit my work. As shown by recently released documents from the Thatcher Archive Trust, in , the year of the first riots, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher held a widely denied meeting with Rupert Murdoch regarding the sale of The Times and The Sunday Times Ingham, , which The Thomson Corporation were struggling to run due to a lack of funds. The answer lies at your own gate, And in the answer lies your fate.

I was brought up in Moseley in Birmingham on the other side of town to Handsworth, a much quieter, whiter, hippy type of area. By the s, the situation for Caribbean migrants had become desperate. Tufty is torn between that type of radical and forthright approach to black identity and the more peaceful rhetoric of Martin Luther King whom he alludes to as being someone that was killed despite being a man of non-violence.

As the Uprisings reach their 35th anniversary, literature has continued to play a central role in remembering the events of andwith writers consistently called upon to tell the story of disssertation riots. English Dissertation Module Code: On April 10th a police constable found Michael Bailey, a black youth, stabbed by three other men.

The Media and the Riots in England: Unordered Thesis on Days of Disorder

I mean, I am a riotz, I grew up on the stage. Leon himself would never have properly articulated that he lived in this city as opposed to that, he would have felt that where he lived was the centre of the world. What has largely been missed in the broadcast and print media coverage of the riots is that the disenfranchisement of those demonstrating their anger from wider political processes and a sense of public sphere and democratic space, does not mean that such anger lacks causes that are both ideological and political ranging form wider questions of social inequality, injustice vissertation poverty to the narrowly political such as the austerity drive and dramatic reductions in public spending.


Within his work, Benjamin Zephaniah viscerally exposes the issues facing black youth, staging the Uprisings brixon a response to the violence marked on the black body by the police – an institution who have been given credence by Lord Scarman.

The Media and the Riots in England: Unordered Thesis on Days of Disorder | Antenna

An event in which rolling news came into its own. In turn, by positioning the riots at the end of his novel, Alex Wheatle places emphasis on the months before the Uprisings, bringing issues such as police brutality and poor living conditions to the fore, echoing the work of Linton Kwesi Johnson and Benjamin Zephaniah.

So vital was the letter as a cultural artefact that the New Society published an analysis of approximately 3, of these letters for public consumption.

If mistrust between the police and the local community of Brixton was rife however, the importance of narrative was heightened further by the publication of the Scarman Report in November So I majored in drama, I seconded in dance and I took singing lessons in the music school. Englishness, Empire and the Locations of Identity. In essence, the first Uprising was caused by years of mistrust and anger built up between the police and the local community of Brixton.

Putting the past in its place. If this had been a real person I would have had to interview, research him and have the permission of his family.

(PDF) WRIOTING! The Literary Impact of the Brixton Uprisings | Sean Richardson –

Poetry Down a Reggae Wire. As the climate of the s necessitated a sharper political consciousness within groups such as the Institute of Race Relations, so too did it affect a politicised subjectivity within many young black artists.

In response, the police decided to launch Operation Swamp, an initiative that resulted in many young blacks being wrongfully arrested on the hated SUS laws. The Media and the Riots in England: When examining Fite Dem Back, it is interesting to note that Benjamin Zephaniah published the similarly titled Fite Dem inthe year of the second Brixton Uprising.


Oxford University Press, Here are some preliminary theses on its causes: In turn, this dissertation seeks to examine the relationship between the political explosions of the Uprisings, and the explosion within Afro-Caribbean writing in South London during the s and s, questioning both the impact of the Uprisings on writers such as Johnson and the effect of literature on the construction of the riots in British cultural memory.

brixton riots dissertation

What kind of effect do you think that Linton had on your own work? There is no reference to Leon living in London on Birmingham or Liverpool but just in a big city with a multi-cultural quarter. The first Uprising of was sparked by the stabbing of Michael Bailey, but in My Name Is Leon, Tufty mentions that the rioters are outraged by the death of his friend, Castro.

In turn, these writers were able to strengthen the reaction to said racial tensions by rearticulating them throughout their work and fostering a wider sense of community. The Irresistible Rise of Dissertztion Britain.

What is interesting however is the manner in which the political climate of the wider text comes to a head in this scene. Do you think that dub is a necessarily political genre?

When examining the broad reaction to the Uprisings by the press, it is useful to note a recent study by linguist and discourse analyst Teun A. When I went to high school in Jamaica, there were no Caribbean poets of the syllabus, so I had to study Chaucer.

brixton riots dissertation

Though the cause of the fire was never discovered, many black citizens believed it to be arson and felt that the police did not undertake a proper investigation into the matter.