While we have been profitable in the past, we cannot assure you that our profits will continue, at a similar level or at all. Amounts and percentages appearing in this prospectus have been rounded to the amounts shown for convenience of presentation. Any future migration to a new company-wide information technology system would be costly and potentially disruptive to our business. Our gross profit and Adjusted EBITDA margins may be impacted by a variety of factors, including but not limited to variations in raw materials pricing, retail customer requirements and mix, sales velocities and required promotional support. Sales of a limited number of SkinnyPop products and flavors contributed all of our historical profitability and cash flow. The representatives may, in their sole discretion, release all or any portion of the shares of our common stock from the restrictions in any of the lock-up agreements described above. While we expect our gross profit to increase in absolute dollars in future periods, we expect that our gross profit as a percentage of net sales will fluctuate and may decrease as a result of the competitive and other factors described herein.

Doing business outside the United States requires us to comply with the laws and regulations of the U. Moreover, an unresolved disagreement with a retail customer concerning promotional allowances, advertising charges, charge-backs or returns could significantly disrupt or cause the termination of a customer relationship, immediately reducing our sales and liquidity. Any inability on our part to stay current with food and consumer trends through new products could have a material adverse effect on our business performance. Many aspects of our business have been, and may continue to be, directly affected by the rising cost of fuel. Predecessor transaction costs i.

Additionally, should raw materials prices move meaningfully lower there is no guarantee our customers will obrrto ask us to pass some or all of our savings on to them in the form of price reductions.

Corporate Information and Structure. We cannot assure you that the discontinuation of product lines will not have an adverse effect on our business.

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Cash from operating activities. Although we are not unique in our outsourcing of certain aspects of our business, such as manufacturing operations, to third parties, there is a risk that such claims may be brought against us. If growth does not materialize as planned, these large investments could increase our cost of goods sold without increasing our profitability. All of our sales involve the sale of products designed to be BFY snack food options.


For example, Costco is well known for its Kirkland Signature brand, which offers high-quality products across a variety of categories at lower price points than many branded products. While we do not currently offer products in the potato chip, cheese snack or pretzel sub-segments, we may consider entering these markets in the future. The market price of our common stock could decline significantly as a result of sales of a large number of shares of our common stock in the market following this initial offering.

Predecessor transaction costs i.

Statement of Income Data: A failure of our information technology systems to perform as we anticipate could disrupt our business and result in transaction errors, processing inefficiencies and sales losses, causing our business to suffer.

Examples of risks inherent in doing business outside of North Xase include changes in the political and economic conditions in the countries in which we operate, unexpected changes in regulatory requirements, changes in tariffs, the adoption of foreign or U.

Consequently, sausagw financial results may fluctuate significantly from period to period based on the actions of one or more significant customers. As a result of these ownership positions, these stockholders could take actions that have the effect of delaying or preventing a change in control of us or discouraging others from making tender offers for our shares, which could prevent stockholders from receiving a premium wausage their shares.

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As such, we believe investors should also consider capital spending when evaluating our cash from operating activities. Operating cash flow less capital expenditures is a financial measure that is not calculated in accordance with GAAP.

Proceeds to Selling Stockholders Before expenses. These restrictions on the operation of our business through the requirement that we meet certain ratios to take certain actions could harm us by, among other things, limiting our ability to take advantage of financing, merger and acquisition opportunities and other corporate opportunities.


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We intend to continue growing net sales and profitability through the following growth strategies:. We are in the process of developing a remediation plan with respect to the tracking of demonstration expenses and pricing concessions along with developing and evaluating our other internal controls.

He was the most talkative: The shares of restricted stock will be subject to time-based vesting conditions, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Class C units from which such shares are converted. Mintel forecasts that sub-segments within the salty snacks segment will grow between 2. Cash and cash equivalents.

case study 8.1 oberto sausage

Inventory fair value adjustment. A failure of our new enterprise resource planning, or ERP, system could impact our ability to operate our business, lead to internal control and reporting weaknesses and adversely affect our results of operations and financial condition. Our third-party co-manufacturer is required to maintain the quality of our products and cade comply with our product specifications and requirements for certain certifications.

case study 8.1 oberto sausage

Inwe settled one such lawsuit for a nominal amount. Additionally, due to the new valuations for the assets and liabilities of SkinnyPop, our Predecessor financial results may not be representative of our future performance. Our website address is www.

If we were involved in securities litigation, we could incur substantial costs and our resources and the attention of management could be diverted from our business.

Risks Related obertoo Our Products. Any such damage or interruption could have a material adverse effect on our business. The sidewalks, especially those usually so deserted at this hour, now ahum with dark busy bowing figures, rang and clanged gayly with the sound of scoop and shovel. Our use of contractual provisions, confidentiality procedures and agreements, and trademark, copyright, unfair competition, trade secret and other laws to protect our intellectual property and other proprietary rights may not be adequate.