Verma, Chief Justice, speaking for the Court referred to Para of the Bangalore Water Supply case supra and held that these Departments were not engaged in discharging of the sovereign function of the State. Property and Income of the Sangathan. In the present case, following aspects would have bearing on the question of relief to be granted to the workman:. The petitioner concealed the fact that Dwarika Parsad is his real younger brother and Smt. Organise training programmes for the project personnel and stakeholders. Website Policies Contact Us Pensioner.

There shall be a Sangathan Society of the Sangathan and it shall be composed of all members of the Sangathan. Four Members of the Board of Governors present in person shall constitute the quorum for meeting of the Board. It is an undisputed fact on record that at the time of termination of his services, the concerned workman had not been paid any retrenchment compensation nor given one month’s notice or pay in lieu thereof, in compliance of Section 25F the I. He is responsible to implement the official language policy of the Government and circulate instructions, guidelines to all Zonal offices, Regional offices and Kendras. The Sangathan shall function notwithstanding any vacancy in its body and no act, direction of proceeding of the Sangathan shall be invalid merely by reason of such vacancy or any defect in the appointment of any of its members. Preparation of Guidelines, MOUs. However, on the other hand, learned counsel for the workman relied upon the decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Gammon India Ltd.

While working in the aforesaid capacity he applied for the post of Accounts Clerk with the petitioner and was duly selected.

It is engaged in pure research in space science. All the incomes, earnings, moveable or immoveable properties of the Sangathan Society shall be solely utilized and applied towards the promotion of its aims and objects only as set forth in the Memorandum of Association and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, bonus profits or in any manner whatsoever, to the present or past members of the Sangathan Society or to any person claiming through any one or more of the present or the past members.


Keeping in mind these considerations, it would not be appropriate to grant the relief of reinstatement with full back wages merely because there was technical flaw in not paying the compensation as per Section 25F of the Industrial Disputes Act, more so, when the petitioner was at least having bona fide view that such provisions are not applicable to it as it is not “industry” within the meaning of Industrial Disputes Act.

The aforesaid facts would reveal that the workman worked barely for days as Accounts Clerk.

Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan vs Union Of India & Others on 26 May,

In all matters having financial implications the Financial Adviser shall be consulted and in case sabgathan disagreement, his views shall be placed before the Chairperson, or the Board of governors, if so directed by the Chairperson for final orders. Union of India had distinguished Bangalore Water Supply case Supra and had held that the establishments therein were not covered by the definition of industry. Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan Papers not to form part of the records — a Except with the leave of the Tribunal, the following shall not form part of the records of the case: Name of the Officer.

Such eleemosynary or like undertakings alone are exempt – not other generosity, compassion, developmental passion or project”.

case study of nehru yuva kendra sangathan

A member can be nominated for a maximum of two terms. The Sangathan shall review in its meeting s held at least once a year the progress and performance of the Sangathan and give such policy directions, as it may deem pf. The efforts made towards integrating the weaker sections into the mainstream of Indian society, working for their socio-economic and educational upliftment is the primary consideration in identifying the Awardee.

case study of nehru yuva kendra sangathan

Even though the Supreme Court held the retrenchment to be void and ineffective since the provisions of Section 25F of the Act had not been complied with by the employer, the Supreme Court considered the “long lapse of time” between the date of the Award and the date of its decision and awarded lumpsum compensation of Rs. Learned counsel relied upon Paras,and of the judgment of Supreme Court in the case of Bangalore Water Supply case supra and submitted that in these paras it has been categorically held that a cooperative societies and other societies are industries.


Triple test is, therefore, satisfied in this case. Sh A P Singh. Preparation of literature for circulating to the employees. Chairperson of the Meetings.

Case study of nehru yuva kendra sangathan

Amita Sharma is his wife and Smt. Designation in the Sangathan. He is also responsible for submission of reports to the Government. The Supreme Court rendered its decision on 28th January, that is, about 14 years later.

In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires: District Social Welfare Officer.

Case study of nehru yuva kendra sangathan

The particular establishments may qualify for exemption in the following cases:. Act were not complied with. Venkateswar Rao And Ors. However, many organisations had not validated these accounts, causing problems for the banks which are required to report receipt of foreign funds within 48 hours, said the ministry. There shall be at the Headquarters of the Sangathan a whole-time financial Adviser, who shall be responsible for preparation of the budget estimates, maintenance of accounts, internal audit, treasury and other functions as may be entrusted to him by the Board of Governors.

I adopt the same yardstick and Award a sum of Rs. Resignation from membership and date of its effect.

What will be the case study on Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan?

Due to increase of work load owing to setting up of 18 Zonal Offices and 46 Regional Offices, four directors have been posted in the Hqrs to manage and look after the activities of the various wings. In the event of there being the equality of votes or any question, the Chairperson shall have a casting vote. Ykva accounts of the Sangathan shall be audited by such person or persons as may be nominated for the purpose from time to time by the Government in consultation with the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

Finance, Budget, Accounts, Audit and Media. Moreover, almost 12 years have passed since the termination of the workman.