For more information about the competition process, visit our website at www. To assist you, the application date for renewal of the grant is indicated on each Authorization for Funding. I rarely use a laptop, the screens are too small, they force poor ergonomics, they have iffy keyboards, they are near impossible to generate figures on, they break to easily or get stolen. The title submitted at Registration is automatically transferred over to the Application stage. Indicate if this application includes a randomized controlled trial RCT.

This also facilitates the work of peer reviewers who must review multiple applications. Note that the Nominated Principal Applicant will consent in Task 9. When you do this, a subtask will automatically appear within the Budget Task. Note that co-applicants cannot receive a salary from this or any other CIHR grant though they are permitted to hold a CIHR award while involved in a funded project. Your page research proposal must include all crucial information including tables, charts, figures and photographs that a reviewer will need to read in order to assess your application.

cihr research proposal format

Are you eligible to apply for CIHR funding? Decided to offer some sage old guy advice on technical aspects of writing a CIHR grant, or any grant proposal.

Applications that do not fit with the IHR committee mandate will be reviewed by another committee. Your completed summary cannot exceed characters including spaces or approximately one page. IHR committee will take specific considerations into account when evaluating applications submitted to this committee see IHR Committee considerations under each Adjudication Sub-criterion below. Please refer to the relevant funding opportunity for specific submission requirements.


cihr research proposal format

Indicate if your application proposes research involving Indigenous peoples. CIHR must be assured that ethics issues are satisfactorily resolved before it releases funds. ResearchNet will not accept supplementary audio or video material.

To assist you, the application date for renewal of the grant is indicated on each Authorization for Funding. Please review our privacy policy.

Other programs may adapt or add criteria to address the objectives of the funding opportunity. This works well, however, only if there is minimal if any change in the information we receive at registration ;roposal in the full application. Describe the roles of all co-applicants in your proposal.

So you want to write a CIHR grant…

Substantiating your claims will lend validity to your research proposal. Remember to include the signatures of all applicants —principal and co-applicants on or with Page 1 of the application form. If your project includes “a partner and a knowledge user” or “a partner only” you must identify at least one contributing partner as an Applicant Partner.

Employ illustrations to help explain, clarify and emphasize key points, and prooposal sure to proofread the final version to eliminate spelling and grammar mistakes.

However, the summary submitted at Registration will be one of the key sources of information used to match peer reviewer expertise to applications. The evaluation criteria will vary depending on the funding opportunity.

Acceptable Application Formats and PDF Attachments

This information is used by CIHR to inform the public and Parliament about the valuable research supported through public funds. Writing and Finalizing Committees have been known to wonder if names were added simply to increase the number of pages allowed in the application! The turnaround time for obtaining these can be delayed at peak periods.


Scientific Officers are asked to encourage applicants to resubmit these proposals if this is the case. For guidance and resources on how to integrate sex as a biological variable, please consult the CIHR website. Reviewers are under no obligation to read Other Application Materials. Substantiate Your Claims Substantiating your claims will lend validity to your research proposal. You can even adjust levels again within Docs. As part of the application process, you are required to summarize your project in various ways i.

The Art of Writing a CIHR Application – CIHR

There is no upper limit on partner contributions to a project. Ever try to embed figures in MS Word? Does your proposal meet the eligibility requirements of researcg funding opportunity? This section provides a brief overview on the budget categories and what may be included within the respective categories. This content is monitored and evolves to ensure it continues to reflect the breadth of applications submitted to CIHR.

Therefore, it is important to contact the Research Services office of your Faculty or institution well in advance of the CIHR deadline to determine if there is an earlier, internal deadline at your institution.

cihr research proposal format