PP1 and PP2 conduct assessment through e-Prestasi system twice a year. Or you can ask question in the new apdm forum. Masalah kegagalan pengesahan markah boleh berlaku disebabkan terdapat markah subjek teras masih belum diisi dalam sistem SAPS. Para guru hanya boleh membuat permohonan terhadap negeri yang terdapat kekosongan jawatan. Through this system, teachers only need to fill in their application once a year and the results will be announced three times a year. However, it is all dependent on the different lines of work. The portal was developed to facilitate and assist in the management processes of training sessions, courses, seminars and workshops that have been attended by teachers.

Embed this content in your HTML. The user will be brought to a page where student information can be completed. Polokwane suid street Status: Jadi, para guru dapat mengetahui peratus lulus, pelajar yang mendapat markah tertinggi serta pelajar paling cemerlang bagi setiap kelas mahupun seluruh tingkatan. Failure to update information in e-Operasi will cause inaccuracy in data available in eGtukar.

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The Teachers Education Division is working to coordinate the information and data with the HRMIS database to enable all data to be obtained from the same source.

Jika guru mempunyai sebarang masalah untuk curruculum sistem ataupun masalah lain tentang sistem. Menukarkan guru ke sekolah yang baharu. Teachers are advised to import student data at non peak hours or to do pbppp data import process in stages. Menamatkan perkhidmatan dengan kerajaan.

Click on the name of the class required to display the student list according to class and gender.


The log in menu also includes buttons for forgotten password and to change the current password. About the ePangkat category. They are the ones managing their respective school and student data. Assessment through the ePrestasi system needs to be conducted twice a year. Mengemaskini senarai peraturan aliran kerja yang telah ditetapkan.

Guru yang dilantik perlu melayari portal SAPS untuk mendaftarkan diri. Login eGtukar dan Panduan Lengkap. Users need to fill the registration section properly to ensure no problems are encountered when logging in to the system. Ya, guru masih boleh membuat permohonan pertukaran dengan menghantar borang manual boleh download dari modul eGTukar dan mendapat pengesahan dari Pengetua ataupun Guru Besar.

Please ensure that all marks have been entered correctly to avoid any inconvenience. Many problems occurred because there was no systematic process. Identifying new markets and introducing products to the same ii. To check the number of courses attended for the year, go to the Analysis and Reports menu, click reports and the number of days attended for the year will be displayed. The main target users of this module are system administrators MOE management at Division, State, District, and School leveland users teachers and non-teachers.


Suppliers have the ability to send quotations, obtain tender documents, send tender offers and check their application status through ePerolehan. This is where cohtoh information can be updated or amended. To start using the ePerolehan system, you need to register your company with the Ministry of Finance online through the ePerolehan System provider registration system.

This application was developed to record student attendance for each school session according to class, in real time, easily and quickly, without the teacher leaving the classroom. Persediaan pelaksanaan Agensi perlu memastikan segala maklumat yang digunakan dalam modul telah dikemaskini, lengkap dan tepat.


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The Committee must submit a finalized PYD score through the https: Besides various indicators that are used to determine and evaluate those who are more qualified for a transfer, this measure by the MOE is hoped to facilitate management at the upper levels. Login Guide to Portal ePerolehan.

Officers promoted ahead of the date of the previous grade salary movement will not suffer losses because the salary of the officer will be advanced before the salary movement in the previous grade on the promotion date, before the promotion salary is set.

Verification Click on Student Data Data Muridclick on the bottom part of the screen where it says: Membolehkan proses operasi pengurusan sumber manusia dijalankan secara automasi.

By downloading this application, teachers will receive direct notifications to their smart phones for the latest information regarding e-Operasi.

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Sebelum guru mata pelajaran ataupun guru kelas ditukar ke sekolah baharu, perkara ini mesti dimaklumkan dahulu kepada Setiausaha Peperiksaan sekolah supaya bantu memindahkan maklumat guru berkenaan ke sekolah lain dalam sistem SAPS.

Fungsi Submodul Aliran Vitea i. About the ePerolehan category.

contoh curriculum vitae pbppp