A PAB considers the results of each student on a particular course and makes decisions on progression and awards. Z level modules normally apply to a foundation year or pre-degree course, although they may be studied by students on stage 1 of some degree courses, whilst F level modules are normally associated with foundation degrees. You must be aware that the University has Disciplinary Procedures to regulate student behaviour and ensure that student disciplinary matters are dealt with fairly and promptly. Should unforeseen circumstances arise, before the due date of the work, then you may apply for an extension to the submission deadline of up to two calendar weeks. Failure to do so will prevent you from being able to take your examination. These modules provide opportunities for the development of employability and career management capabilities and support for personal development planning please see.

Re-presentation is the submission of work presented previously or simultaneously for assessment at this or any other institution, unless authorised in writing by the module leader and cited appropriately. C Changes to your individual modules Where your course includes option modules, you are expected to finalise your module choices before the end of the previous academic year. Plagiarism can be accidental or intentional. Falsification includes the presentation of fictitious or deliberately distorted data in, for example, laboratory work, surveys or projects. The full details of how to request a review or appeal following the publication of your results is available in the Academic Regulations, Appendix 2. A SAB has the power to raise or lower marks for all students taking the module if it considers it to be appropriate.

All modules have to be passed to obtain an honours degree. Results remain unofficial and subject to change until confirmed by a PAB. Anti-social Behaviour Failure to abate noise after an instruction to do so Verbally abusive or offensive conduct Throwing objects from windows Breach of University Smoking Policy General nuisance e.

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It is your responsibility to find out whether your tutor requires you to use a different referencing style. Your co-operation is expected in actively protecting the integrity of the assessment process. C Changes to your individual modules Where your course includes option modules, you are expected to finalise your module choices before the end of the previous academic year.



You also accept liability to pay fees at the appropriate level and by the due date. For other assessments, only a sample of work across a range of marks will be subject to the internal moderation process. You are advised that all valuable items e.

This also applies to such organisations that write essays, devise IT coding etc. Please contact your Faculty Registry team immediately if you are thinking of withdrawing from your studies.

Student Handbook – Coventry University

Please note that changing from full-time to part-time status will have funding and visa implications. It is your coventyr to provide a certified translation, not that of the University.

Student Loans Company, sponsoring bodies, professional bodies, Home Office. We are running the following For example, most websites are produced by a corporate author.

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unniversity Help Center Find new research papers in: You may appeal against the rejection of an extension application within 5 working days and against the rejection of a deferral application within 7 working days of the rejection, if you have significant new evidence relating to the noba request which was not considered coursewoek the original application or if you have a specific allegation of irregularity regarding the conduct of the approval process.

If you are an international student who has a Tier 4 visa, you must meet the requirements of your Tier 4 sponsorship with the University who is your sponsor.

Disclosure of Personal Data The University may disclose your personal data: Where changes are permitted you are expected to have completed this by the Monday of the third week of teaching.

For group submissions, a group leader and group member coversheet will be available; online submissions will be submitted through the ciursework process, detailed in your module guide which you will get from your course team or via Moodle. This information is only used for business relevant to and in the interests of the Students’ Union and its members.


Student Handbook – Coventry University

Please note that the work submitted should be your individual effort. Please refer to the following link for information regarding the examination periods relevant to your course: You are required to attempt all assessed aspects of your course at the first opportunity.

This also applies to acts of misconduct committed outside the University when a student is away in a University context for example on placement, field trips or study abroad programmesor when it is found that there is some link to the University or its reputation.

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The above list is not intended to be exhaustive Where an offence has occurred a charge, as detailed in the table below, can be imposed: Appendix 1 of the General Regulations covers all aspects of the examination process, including general conduct before and during the examination and the procedures for dealing with cases of academic dishonesty.

We are running the following Your tutor will advise you whether any word limit is a guideline, or whether your ability to write uinversity the word limit is actually part of the assessment of the piece of work concerned.

H Examinations You are required to attempt all assessed aspects of your course at the first opportunity.

coventry university nova coursework

If you do not succeed in redeeming the failure s via resit, the Programme Assessment Board may use its discretion to allow you to repeat the module s at the next available opportunity. Resit examinations will normally take place during the next examination period. Data collation jobs available.