It is therefore imperative that higher learning institutions should tailor their curricular offerings towards the trends of economy, to make these relevant and responsive to the needs and demands of the labor market. Peliks Khmer-reeno Subscribe 0. Of the 9 or From these, 31 or There were only 28 or Walk-in ranks first with a frequency of 31 or

Criminology students, for them to use as their guide or reference for the next level of their study. Longest waiting period on the average before landing first job after college was between I month to 6 months, 7. Bautista caused the gradual but steady progress of the school. Scope and Delimitation of the Study This study was delimited to the following: Discussions were organized based on the statement of the problem of this study. Of which, the Criminal Investigation ranked 1st as the subject of choice at a frequency of 16 or

Their primary reason ctiminology staying at their first job is that they consider it their dream job at a frequency of 22 or Informatio or y nd on material obje m ects flow th hrough a se eries of task or activities based o a set of rules ks on or decision points.

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Of those currently employed, most are regular or permanent employees at a frequency of 23 or A big number of licensure examination for teachers LET passers ate teaching their major fields while the non-passers and non-takers in the year they graduated were underemployed and a handful of them were unemployed due to non-availability of jobs related to their specialization; and 4. Bu, if you we can impose on you for a few minutes, we would be grateful.

Criminology Thesis: Graduate Tracer Study: PCCR Graduates –

Related to special skills, proximity to residence and other reasons ranked last each with frequencies of 1 or 6. What are the educational, training, professional licensing qualifications and competencies of criminnology respondents in terms of: The survey questionnaire was first submitted to the adviser for corrections, comments and suggestions.


Today, the top brass in the Philippine National Police and other law enforcement agencies are composed of the graduates. Please enter your email address. There were only 28 or Positive and significant findings were established between employability and social characteristics. Majority of the graduates are male, age years old, single and majority receive an annual income of P80, to P99, or a monthly income of P6, There were no transferees among the respondents.

When asked which competencies learned in college was useful in the first job of the respondents, communications skills ranked the highest with 31 or The result of this could be used in taking appropriate measures in furthering the academic excellence of the institution, not only in the country but in other parts of the globe as well.

All of which are consistent with their present job.

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Felix Zamora Camerino, Jr. Refer to Table crimino,ogy On the other theesis, Adkins argued that institutions of Higher Learning do not train students to enter occupations in response to market demand as much as they provide educational opportunities for people who create new occupations -that produce goods and services for which social demand subsequently grow. A significant majority of the respondents at a frequency of 59 or These two government agencies are tasked to oversee the performance of educational institutions in the country.

Specifically, it a determined the programs mostly sought by employers and with the highest potential initial earning, b competencies and skills learned in college that are highly applied at the present work, c assessed the length of time thdsis the graduates got employed after graduation, and d enumerated and analysed both the academic and personal background that contributed to graduates employability.

criminology thesis pccr

Moreover, the result of the study could serve crkminology basis for educational reforms, and it will help improve the career guidance program, establish functional placement office that will generally take care, follow-up and place graduates in occupational jobs they were trained for.


According to the common view, high unemployment and falling incomes due to globalization and the pressure of imports from low wage countries characterize the new world economy.

criminology thesis pccr

Why Philippine College of Criminology? Researchers The researchers will benefit from the results of this study because the research methodology, statistical tools, as well as the findings, conclusions and recommendations of this study can be used as their basis when conducting similar or related studies in the future. The vast majority of the respondents at a frequency of 59 or Your information will be used solely for this purpose and it will not be shared with anyone.

Salaries and benefits are the main reason why graduates stay in the job even if it is irrelevant to the course; Refers to the extent to which the graduates are able to obtain professional positions in industry, organization and agencies in the public or private sectors along the lines of professional criminology education and expertise as attained in the BS Criminology Program.

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Peliks Khmer-reeno Subscribe 0. Sadac conducted a follow-up study of the civil engineering graduates of the University of the Assumption from school year to McMillan Publishing Company, Based on the skill levels of occupations, a similar portion employed in lower jobs such as secretary, and service workers, where a college education is hardly necessary thsis may even be detrimental to satisfactory work performance.

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