Theories of Bulgarian “ethno genesis” as apolitical tool As already mentioned, Proto-Bulgarian Studies in Bulgaria have already been investigated from this prospective. N1 a quilli: In 96 BC, it was time for his son, Mithradates I, to take up the crown. Their large possessions were confiscated, thus weakening even further the ‘remnants of the remnants’ of Croatia. In fact, the Compari- son between Caesar and Alexander shows remarkably little interest in political questions. These ideas need to be conveyed to the community in such ways as to be at the same time comprehensible and acceptable. The whole myth became extremely popular after Eugen Kumicic, a novelist and politician who championed the cause of Croatian rights, wrote a novel about the 23 Mirjana Gross invented the term “sdentification” of Croatian historiography to explain the changes happening with writing about history in the second half of the 19th century.

They tell stories not to be doubted, containing unquestionable truths. It may play an important part in legitimising new political regimes and de-legitimising old ones Claudia- Florentina Dobre, Memoires du communisme roumain: Other kings followed on the Commagenian throne, until in AD 17, upon the death of Gaius Iulius Antiochus III, the region was transformed into a Roman province, though the Empire treated the heirs of the dynasty with all the respect due to royalty. The union of the two traditions in the person of the king is communicated programmatically through the means of monumental art. Athens This balanced vision, or, at the very least, this balanced public statement, is discarded in the later phases of the dynasty, for C. Perhaps it would be better to seek an explanation through the political context of the day. As the dates of the three prologues showed, Decembrio customized his presentation according to both the rank ruler or courtier and the situ- ation honourable prisoner or peer of the realm of his recipients.

As the dates of the three prologues showed, Decembrio customized his presentation according to both the rank ruler or courtier and the situ- ation honourable prisoner or peer of the realm of his recipients.

curriculum vitae a lui caius iulius caesar

Geschichte der Bulgaren in Mosien. Tyranny from Antiquity to the Curruculum, ed. The force of the myth is sometimes unstoppable and may dramatically influence the way in which a society perceives the internal enemy or an external foe.

In Croatia this was even more so, because after the Napoleonic wars and until Croats found themselves divided between the two parts of the Habsburg monarchy, the Hungarian and the Austrian.


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Furthermore, such ludic means of expression proved instrumental in demystifying an all-powerful institution, the Turkish Army. A Political History ofParthia. Athens This balanced vision, or, at the very least, this balanced public statement, is discarded in the later phases of the dynasty, for C. A great difference is therefore to be noted between the dynastic representations of these two representatives of the Commagenian house: A possible solution has been put forward by Tarn,9 who, while trying to find the propagandistic fundament for the Alexander connection claimed by the Bactrian king Agathocles in his ‘pedigree’ coinage, suggests there may have existed a legend which made Apama, Seleukos I’s wife, into the daughter of Alexander and Rhoxane.

Yet there is also the hope that before that can happen they will have been replaced by new enabling fictions, more attuned to the challenges of history writing. Money was collected to erect a monument in the main square of Zagreb, the first of its kind in Croatia, and images of Jelacic became broadly distributed.

It is a ‘holy story’, and therefore not subject to any doubt. Ryder, Alfonso the Magnanimous: In Verfestigungen und Anderungen der ethnischen Strukturen im pannonischen Raum von The most influential proponent of the ‘Turanian’ theory of the origin of the Proto-Bulgars was the famous linguist Stefan Mladenov.

In the end, the acio che con quello chera principale dela aforesaid Rodrigo was sent by the king with concordia conferire potesse et essendoli three hundred horsemen for the said conceduto che solo dentro entrasse alultimo settlement. Unique in situation, scale, and plan, the monument occupies an irregular area embracing 2.

This myth was discussed in detail some years ago by Ivo Zanic, who documented its existence as early as the sixteenth century: Yet Decembrio also employed Caesar, side by side with the pro- vision of numerous manuscripts, as a means to oblige Inigo to himself—just as he had used Plato in relation to Humfrey of Gloucester.

curriculum vitae a lui caius iulius caesar

Due to the general scarcity of Parthian and, in general, Oriental sourcesour knowledge of the Parthian kingdom and its administrative structure depends almost exclusively on the stereotyped accounts drawn up by Roman and Greek writers. At this point, when the said faction cittate fusse posta in arme, ala fine leader and rebel had come with a great crowd multiplicando le parole dicendo Rodorico lui of armed men into the house to parley with havere apriso nome de traditore et quello him, the said Rodrigo went up to him.


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Accustomed to being in an inferior position, Croatian politicians viewed myths in particular, but not exclusively cureiculum, of statehood as an important weapon in opposing foreign centres of power. In the view of most Western observers, the empire built by the Ottoman Turks on the ruins of the Eastern Roman Empire had shared, since its inception, most of the characteristics or topoi, if one is to use literary terminology which Europeans had ascribed in the course of history to any Oriental state: This was perceived as undignified and clashed with the anti-Turkish feelings, deeply rooted among Bulgarian intelligentsia.

We must also thank Professor Bogdan Murgescu, who co-ordinated the refereed selection process of the conference papers. Grundzuge der parthischen Geschichte.

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Here begins the book of the civil wars entitled Alexandrinian, written by A. The king is careful to underline this in writing as well, for while referring to the Greek and Persian tradition, he calls them ‘the most fortunate roots of my family’.

This Catholic exclusiveness developed cutriculum a myth about Croats being one of the oldest Catholic nations in Europe, accepting baptism immediately after their settlement in the seventh century, when they made a treaty with the Pope, according to which they will never attack other nations, and God will, in return, protect them.

Grosspp. From that time until the early decades of the third century AD, Rome’s expansionist goals in the East were fiercely opposed by the Parthians. Alfonso himself was adopted by Queen Joanna II of Na- ples in the same year, and spent the next two decades making good his claims to her realm.

This matter is of particular interest since the figure of Caesar had great symbolic value and was often employed to make political statements.

It is hard to tell to what extent the written sources have influenced the image the royal houses had of themselves, but it is relatively easy to point that there must have caesqr an independent tradition, preserved by the dynasty itself, given the differences in names Dion Cass.