World at Risk Unit 1 Flashcard Maker: The Water Crisis, Chapitre Elle Kinsman Cards —. Dominic Peel 42 Cards —. Charlie’s Garden Coastal feature. Hurricane Katrina; Category 5 major hurricane

Case studies Flashcard Maker: Cyclone Nargis was the deadliest cyclone to hit Asia since , Cycone Nargis struck in May and caused huge devastation in the military dictatorship of Myanmar formerly known as Burma. Traffic count, Shopping Survey, Hurricane Katrina. Diseases spread with many survivors dying from disease.

SInternal migration C. It is estimated that at least 2. Tropical Cyclones Flashcard Maker: Hurricane Katrina; Category 5 major hurricane Jasmine Hughes Cards —.

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Geography Hostile World Flashcard Maker: Prep for a quiz or learn for fun! Nargis was naggis first tropical cyclone to strike Tara Cross Cards —.

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A death toil of at least people has stuey quoted, but estimates vary widely, it is thought that 80, people could have died in the town of Labutta alone, making the 84,people death toll seem unrealistic. Strong winds up to mph.


Case studies are important Theme 1, Theme 2, Theme 3. Examine the effects and responses to Margis Nargis and Hurricane Katrina?

Who Is It For? Year 9 Geography Revison Flashcard Maker: However, this aid was limited to food, medicine and basic supplies, and foreign aid workers remained banned from the country.

Hector Thornton-Swan Cards —. Case Studies, High pressure and low pressure systems, Hurricane Katrina. Gabriella Ingamells Cards —.

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Emily Mason Cards —. Start studying cyclone nargis and Hurrican Katrina Case Study. Geography Hazards case studies Flashcard Maker: Anna Crow 69 Cards —. Charlie Paterson Cards —.

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Initially the response of the Military government was appalling. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

cyclone nargis case study a2

Harry Parkinson Cards —. Traffic count, Shopping Survey, Hurricane Katrina. Hostile Worlds, Hostile World: Amy Mckie Cards —.

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Hurricane Katrina vs Cyclone Nargis 1. African Americans and Hurricane Katrina, Unit 2: Lucy Hainsworth Cards —. Frances Dook Cards —.