Maybe MHH recognised that Barcelona stint retrospectively as a practical year, because to them Jungebluth is that special. Log In Sign Up. Subsequently, the cell vitality and metabolic activity were measured. In this study, the method of 3-D Printings used to create a synthetic tracheal graft to generate and to evaluate them in the small animal model. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

Hamzah 1 analyzed the correlation between financial ratios, including liquidity ratio Current ratio , profitability ratio Return on Investment , activity ratio Total Assets Turnover , and solvability ratio Debt to equity , and both capital gain loss and dividend in manufacturing companies listed on Jakarta Stock Exchange. Hence, MHH did not cease all trachea transplant research in , as they once told to me untruthfully. Evaluate the process parameter conditions on mechanical, physical, thermal and barrier properties of regenerated cellulose obtained from oil palm empty fruit bunch microcrystalline cellulose. Many of these patients are dead, exact number of those still alive is unknown. Using the bioreactor a sufficient cell re-population of the graft surface could be achieved.

dissertation mhh 2011

Keep up the good work Cheers oliver. Nurul Adilla Rozuli, Preparation of green anticorrosive coolant from oil palm biomass for aluminium alloy. Herr Professor Macchiarini, whose German is near-native the Italian grew up in Switzerland and is much better than his English, remains adjunct professor at MHH, against state law.

After having passed the surgeon exam at second attempthe soon joined the MHH as a adjunct professor. This is important since Jungebluth and Macchiarini were found to have broken many laws on animal experimenting in Sweden by performing animal trachea transplant studies without approval see evaluation by Swedish Central Ethics Board.

Latif, Improved corrosion inhibition of mild steel by chemically modified lignin polymers from Elaeis guineensis fronds, now.


Advanced materials polymer electrolytes, adsorbent and composites Research Topic: The result of negative correlation of TATO on disseryation might be caused by big firms’ domination on high stock return, whereas big firms usually cannot increase their TATO easily. By Muhammad Amir Yousaf. Kennedy, Posma Sariguna Johnson.

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Difficult to understand how Biotrachea funding could have been expended 9 months before the beginning of the award period. Moreover, other resources such as text book, newspapers, and Journals are also utilized to review the theoretical framework from previous researches. Mohamad Haafiz, Chaturbhuj K. This is how much MHH loves Macchiarini. To make sure no-one questions their work or associates it with its corresponding author Macchiarini, Walles sued me in courtwhere they indicated to consider the transplants as their successful research, and to have used their patients as research subjects to test their technology.

Berlin court grants Jungebluth new injunction against my reporting — For Better Science.

dissertation mhh 2011

Corrosion disserhation and protection inhibitor and coatings 5. Simposium 4asional Akuntansi 9. Their common publications are not really convincing that the technology helped that patient in any way, analyses were made only during the first weeks because Macchiarini moved to Barcelona and the Walles couple to Stuttgart. Subsequently, the cell vitality and metabolic activity were measured. It shows that from investors’ point of view financial ratios are used in making decision on investment.

This research also exposes that the mnh of earning per share is affected much by factors other than firm’s financial performance.

Hannover thesis investigation and secret Heidelberg research of Philipp Jungebluth

The regression model tested mhg this research and the description for each variable are as follow: None of this is even hinted at in the highly dishonest German-language abstract.


Both refusals to share the published abstract of a conference talk are of course ridiculous.

dissertation mhh 2011

Past and ongoing research has made it possible to obtain useful information when cellulose and mh based materials are analyzed. No-one wants it to be associated with the deaths around Macchiarini and his method.

In fact, they had another scandal with outsourcing human research which played out rather well for them. Also these transplants were performed on humans without any animal testing whatsoever, while being declaried as emergencies under compassionate use.

There were other awful MHH scandals, just search the German internet. In fact, I got the abstract through a simple inquiry to the conference management office. Dwi Martani, Mulyono, Rahfiani Khairurizka Jun, The effect of financial ratios, firm size, and cash flow from operating activities in the interim report to the stock return, Chinese Business Eissertation, Jun.

Hannover Medical School MHH: where doctor careers matter more than patient lives?

Afidah Abdul Rahim and Prof. Indeed, what happened to DD is nothing to be proud of. Or maybe because the non-German patients abroad were seen as more suitable for medical experiments? Jungebluth did this human experimenting as part of his medical doctorate thesis at the Hannover Medical School MHH in Germany, the official supervisor was Macchiarini who still has his adjunct professorship at the MHH.

Jungebluth performed his Heidelberg trachea transplant experiments in rats illegally:.